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Test propionate and skin application

On the ‘gade’ there is a post that tells how to separate the test from the estrogen in Synovex H pellets. It says to use diethyl ether to disslove the pellets, and as the mixture evaparates the estrogen will crystalize on the surface for easy removal. It then goes on to mention that the test can be applied with DMSO. My questions are: is this wethod of separating the chemicals reliable and can the test be applied to the skin using the same procedure as finasol?

No, this “method” is not good. The part containing the testosterone propionate will still contain at least 1% estrogen. That may not sound like much, but 1 mg/day of estrogen is a full replacement dose for a woman, so leaving even 1% is too much in my opinion.

Somethings are just not worth it, this like DNP is way to tricky to get right. Unless your want to sport a set of D cups, I would drop synovex fast. Don’t even get tempted to use it, even if you do it right you still have a good bit of E left, if you do it wrong, God help you.