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Test Prop - Your Experiences


Hey guys,

Well my source managed to get me some Test Prop.
I plan to use 125mg EOD for 8 weeks, with Nolva for PCT (40/30/20/10), perhaps a few months down the track.

A few questions.
Injection pain: Are the rumours true, did some of you loose mobility in your legs after injection (lol)? I am not scared of needles/pain just curious to see what to expect. I am already aware of rotating injection sites.

Gains: What sort of gains did most of you get, with a fairly good det and training regime? What can a first time use expect?

Stacking: Is it advisable to stack the prop with something? I would like this but research has led me to believe that it is better to run test on its own for a first cycle, just so you know how you respond to it, rather than stacking with Dbol for example, and not knowing which compounds is causing which side effects.



Personally I dont develop any bit of pain from prop. Most others are much different.
A lot depends on the percentage of the chems used in the brewing process and the type of oil used.

Stick with just the test for your first.

Gains are going to be so different depending on the user. If you dont gain 20lbs and have a good diet/training protocol I would be suprised.


I think 'loss of mobility' is a misnomer; the problem is loss of stability.

When I shoot prop, I experience soreness a day later in a (roughly) 3-inch radius that migrates with gravity. Additionally, the injection itself causes unusual and somewhat capricious effects.

For instance, I pinned right ventro yesterday and almost immediately felt impacted all the way around my dorsogluteal site. This injection insult is odd, and in my very limited experience only occurs prop (though others may not say same.) When I shot my quads, I could feel it behind my patella. This effect is likely just stretching from oil volume and has nothing to do with the ester. I don't recommend you pin quads with prop until you're familiar with its effects.

Prop soreness is nothing like DOMS for me -- it's more like the feeling I've gotten a couple of days after high-siding a motorcycle, only more localized.

It's peculiar to me that some people don't have this reaction -- I envy them. But it's not the end of the world, and it doesn't dissuade me from sticking an inch of steel in EOD.


Some prop I've done is virtually painless, others were extremely painful. I've had redness and swelling that was impairing to my training. I have 2 manufacturers of prop right now and one is almost unbearable. (and i'm no pussy when it comes to pain)Seems like alot has to do with the brewing and additives.

I never gained 20lbs on prop but I usually only do 300mg per week usually stacked with something else. When I bump to 500 I experience alot of acne and some testicular shrinkage, no gyno problems. Some recommend adex to deal with the side effects. I've never tried it. It's pretty expensive.


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I've been using test prop for my first couple short cycles, and haven't had much of a problem with pain. The first shots into virgin muscle were a bit rough, but by the third shot into a given site the soreness was minimal, certainly nothing that would interfere with training.

I've also been very pleased with the results. I plan on posting complete details in a couple weeks when I start PCT.


I guess I'll have to wait and see if my batch of prop is painful, or whether my body doesn't like it.

Arthursaxon, looking forward to see your results.


I have Proviron and Winny on hand.
I have enough Proviron for 5-6 weeks (if I run 25mg a day)
Winny, I have 3 weeks worth (if I run 50mg a day.)

Would this help in dealing with side effects?
I'm not concerned with acne, gyno/hairloss is a bit of a worry though.

I already have the Nolva for PCT as well.


I guess I need more research. That's a tremendous price.


It really does depend on the batch of prop or any gear for that matter as to the amount of pain. I used several vials of prop and had no problems, but for some reason my last batch of prop that I used hurt like hell. From the moment I started injecting I thought it was burning a hole in my leg. Luckily that was the only vial that I have ever had trouble with. Most people don't get pain like that with injections, some do and those are the stories that are always retold.

As far as results, as a first cycle and running test for 8 weeks you can gain a good amount of weight in that time with proper diet.

Dont bother with stacking anything at this point. Save that for future cycles. See how you respond to just test, my guess is that you will like it a lot.


I'm no expert when it comes to questions such as yours. There's alot guys on this site that could help you with this. I have a few stacks that work very well for me and I usually stick with them. I have no experience with Proviron or Winnie.


I have a friend using it now.
ZERO PAIN he claims.


Thanks for the help guys.
Looking forward to it now!

LiftEatSleep, is it really necessary to run Proviron or Winny with prop? I have nothing bar the actual Test and Nolva.