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Test Prop, Winny, and Clen Cycle


hey guys, I was wondering if anyone could offer any advice on how to stack test prop whinny and clen. i have 6 weeks prop, 8 weeks whinny, 10 weeks clen. i know clen is 2 weeks on two weeks off but im not sure whether to run it post cycle or start it when i start the prop and whinny?


1- forget about test E. Too much water retention and not suitable for short cycles. Also test E never used for a cutting cycle

2- can you add fina to your cycle? best thing u can use for short/cutting cycles. Best stack IMO would be test prop/winny/tren ace

3- clen i would try to avoid it.Instead try to focus on your diet. but if you wanna take it cycle it 2 weeks on and off at 40 mcg ED. some may recommend a higher dose but the side effects are quite bad.

4- never consider "cutting" during your pct. caloric deficit diet + too much cardio during PCT= too much weight loss.

5- some tend to take clen during pct for its anti-catabolic characteristics


For me it doesn't matter which form of test I run as long as carbs are reduced and estrogen is taken care of.

I would extend the cut, get more test. 6 weeks is really to short to diet imo.

Also scrap the clen. Use ECA if you want, or just caffeine.


okay thank you i will get rid of them clen and try to run whinny and prop for 8 weeks, hopefully that will cut me up pretty good. i cant get tren i have to worry about getting tested and dont wanna be worrying for 5 plus months after im done rather than a few weeks. would you reccomend any other suppliments to help me get stronger and more cut?


glucosamie for joints! winny can really fuck up your joints... no other supplements needed except for the essentials. just focus on ur diet, and do cardio


yeah im a college football player so i have plenty of cardio and im going to have a strict diet...i was wondering if i could do the V-Diet what are you thoughts on that? also i have msm for my joints.


I never remember following any fancy diets. If I bulked up I always ate 6-8 meals, everything in my sight and made sure I eat enough carbs, protein and calories (never really cared about fat, cause whatever I eat turns to muscle)

when I cut down I keep the frequency of my meals the same, cut down the carb (or go low on carb, depends how much time I have for getting lean), keep it high protein and low calorie.

But to be completely honest with you this is the first year ever that I am on AAS, before that I trained 5 years naturally. and so far on my cycles my objective was bulk up, so as far as the diet goes, maybe some more experienced juicers may have some better tips to tell u.

truepitbull appears to know his shit. listen to him


okay thanks for all the help. truepitbull if you could give me any other advice id appreciate it