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Test Prop & Winni Or Test Pro and Deca?


Whats going on,

Im 6" 230lbs around 20% BF Im looking to drop my bf in half over the next 4-6 months. Diet is on point running ketos while im doing this month clen cycle. 2/0/2

I have a 30ml of prop just can decide if it would be better to run a 6 week 1/2cc eod winni or doing the same thing with deca.

1-8 week (prop 1/2cc eod)
1-6 week (winni/Deca 1/2cc eod)

Ive ran the prop/winni 2x last year and had great results in doing so. Im just thinking that deca maybe a better way to roll this time.

Benefits to both stacks????