Test Prop / Tren - Not Your Same Old Question I Promise!

Greetings. I have a question to pose to the masses but let me first give you some info on myself. I am 42yrs old, 6ft, 220, 9% BF. I have been lifting for 21yrs and using androgens for the last 8yrs. I never due more than 2 cycles a year and always use pct and allow myself ample recoup time between cycles.

I am currently having a love affair with test prop and tren since they are both effective and easy to acquire locally. My current cycle is test prop 100mg ed and tren 75mg ed. I’m having great results so far. What I’m running into is that on my duty days at the FD (24hrs) I am unable to workout due to the busy call volume. Now I make for the missed workouts by either doubling up the day before or the day after my shift. I have continued my daily test/tren regimen even on duty days I don’t workout.

My question is can I skip the test and tren shots on duty days. Both of these are very short acting androgens and it may be a waste to give myself the shots on days I know I will not be working out. I want to thank everyone in advance for any input you may have.

Inject every day with tren ace and test prop regardless of whether you’re lifting that day or not.

I tend to agree, you are doing the right thing injecting every day. The fluctuation in blood serum levels could start to give you the insomnia, sweats and others that it sounds like you ARE NOT having.

Yeah the ED pins are a must especially for tren ace. oldblue I’d be interested to hear the impact the tren is having on your work-ability viz., your aerobic capacity. With all your equipment on I know how intense the oxygen demand is

Besides the above, which is all true, the biological duration of action is greater than one day.

So in other words, to have the full activity on workout days that is associated with ongoing every day use at a given dosage, you need to have had that on an ongoing basis.

Not just that day at that dosage.

Also, non-workout days are still recovery and growth days.

Thank you gentlemen very much. I do have another question. I understand the tren ace is the stronger of the two androgens. Should I be using a higher dose of tren and lower dose of test? Maybe I should switch them around and go for tren 100mg ed and test prop at 75mg ed. Your thoughts gentlemen.

In reference to saps question. I haven’t really noticed a decrease in my aerobic capacity. This time of year it’s challenging just due to the high temps and humidity (FL), so I guess it’s hard to tell. I know that my cardio at the gym has been fine. No shortness of breath.

I like around 15-20mg test with ~100mg tren ED… or failing that 100iu HCG ED instead of the test.

I also use a very small adex dose 0.25mg ED or EOD.

You need to find what works for you but I find the above to be very effective and in terms of sides I don’t even “feel” like I’m on cycle.

In terms of missing injection days… is tren/test enan not an option?

If you don’t feel there’s a side effects issue from your current amount of testosterone propionate – and many will not – then your dosage plan is entirely satisfactory as is. For most, 75 mg/day TA is a solid dose in combination with that amount of testosterone.

Your alternate would not be bad either, but if you’re not thinking you’re having issues with excess bloating or the skin, no need to change.

Thanks Bill and Dave for jumping in. Dave I have easy access to the test prop and the tren ace I make from finaplix. Because of my job I need to be very, very careful in my search for the special supplements. Bill I definately have bloating from the test. I try to control it with 0.5mg to 0.75mg of letro daily. I still have some water retention but I believe a little retention may actually help the strength. Is that not correct? Thx guys.

I really don’t know on the bloating/strength question. I know that many powerlifters believe it so my assumption is that it’s true, but I am only assuming it and only from that.

If, which sounds like it’s the case, you have estrogen effect at a level you find to be what you want with the dosing you’re using, then there’s no reason not to just stick with that versus the other dosing possibility you mentioned. Though if you wanted the other scheme could be used and with a slight decrease in the letrozole to try to keep estrogen the same as you have now. However it would be likely that estrogen would move slightly away from where it is now despite the attempted guess at compensation.

Thank you Bill. I think I’m going to stay with my current regimen.