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Test prop, tren ace, winny info


I'm doing research on my second cycle for summer.

I'm 24 5'10" 200 lbs w/18-20% bf

Cycle history: I'm currently on my first cycle of test e. Diet is great. I'm doing the 7 for $70 and sticking to it strong.

Workout schedule: 4 on 1 off. Chest/back arms shoulders legs off. Thinking of moving to 3on1o3 on 1 off: chest/back legs shoulders/arms off. Input on this also please

My goal is to lose fat and to keep size and shape. I don't do competitions or sports. Only extreme manual labor.

Weeks 1-10: test prop .5iu eod
weeks 1-8: tren ace .5iu ed
weeks 6-10: win 50mg ed
Weeks 2-10 armousin 20mg ed
3 days after last pin: pct: week 11-14: nolva 20mg cap 100/100/60/60
clomid 20mg cap 100/100/60/60

I'm keeping test low to give more room for tren and I'm not too sure about win. I know it causes joint pain. Curious has to how bad. Any input on keeping or losing win would be much obliged. Also feel free to let me know on quantities of all products or if other prodcuts would needed to be added for best results. I've read about hcg caber bromo plus eq to help fight win joint pain. Keep in mind this will be my second cycle.


I would have a DA hand for the tren

Pct is a tad overkill to me

Imo Id only use winny if you already had low bf.

Curious, how long have you been training? I asked because you want Input on your split.


I'm assuming you mean .5ml not IU? I would also have to assume that both your test and tren 100mg/ml?

So this is
Test P 50mg EOD
Tren A 50mg ED

Not trying to be rude but wanting a clarification as these are not things that we measure in IU's

and I agree with BUDs comment. That much Nolva is serious overkill.


Sorry fellas. Thanks for the input but I forgot about this thread. I've made another one which is more accurate


200lbs 5.10 and 20%bf. your not ready for ur first cycle. if cant bring ur bf down to 10 to 13% naturally u will never succeed.