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Test Prop, Tren Ace, Winny Cycle


I am looking for feedback regarding the cycle I am planning on starting this upcoming march.

My background: I am 5’10, 190lbs at around 10-12%bf and I am a powerlifter. My lifts from my last comp were 480/355/470. The goal of this cycle is to increase strength primarily as well as lean mass. This will be my fourth cycle, with the last one including Test prop, Deca and Anavar. I have also used winstrol before.

It will be a 8 week cycle with the same doses thorough the whole cycle. The doses would be the following

Test prop @100mg EOD
Tren ace @75mg EOD
Winstrol @50mg ED
Anastrozole @.5mg ED

Also considering Clen in order to lower bf% and keep cortisol low.

Please comment with any tips or advice regarding this cycle.

Thank you very much for the help.

First the anastrozole seems high for that level of test but everyone is different and you only know if you need that much through blood work and personal experience.

I don’t know if you are taking Depot or oral winny either way at 8 weeks make sure you have some liver protection. On my second encounter with winny i started getting lethargic about 2-3 weeks into the cycle. I got some TUDCA and it made a world of difference. My joints don’t like winny as much as I do so some sort of cartilage or joint support would be a good idea being that your only wet compound is test and you are running A.I. at such a high dose. My left elbow started hurting when I read 50mgs ED for 8 weeks. And FYI the wet compounds don’t protect your joints it’s the estrogen binding and having a slight anti inflammatory and pain killing like effect.

Since you are trying to make lean gains and I assume you would like to keep the strength gains I would recommend you looking into Turinabol instead of winny. Winny is more of a cutter/hardener and tbol is more of a dry gainer. Interesting tidbit; since tbol use was so well documented in East Germany it is the only aas with a serious scientific testing history proving that aas do infact have lasting strength gains after discontinuation. They have the records showing Olympic athletes that one can assume we’re at or very close to their generic potential when they started using tbol then years after they stopped using it their shotput distances were definitely farther than before they used tbol.

As far as the tren goes I like mine up at 400 a week. If the wallet can support 100-150 mgs EOD then I would think about if I were you. If it is your first time with it then the 75mgs EOD might be better. I have done 400 a week twice and loved the result. Full disclosure it was the enanthate ester. Both of those times I added winny in at the last six weeks. Supposedly winny has an anti progesterone like effect but I don’t rely on it to save me, I use 600mgs of B6 a day and so far have not had any issues. However me not having issues doesn’t mean you wont. Progesterone gyno is more of a concern with Deca but it has been known to happen with tren so be aware. The pros would tell you not to start this cycle without having some sort of anti progesterone/dopamine agonist on hand (prami, caber, bromo).

As far as the clen goes, I don’t gain on it. I keep it for when I pct, it is supposed to have an anti catabolic effect for the first 15-18 days of use. That effect goes away with continued use so I save it for when I need that added “insurance.”

I didn’t see any PCT plan. Tren is as or more suppressive than Deca and you have stated prior experience with Deca so I guess you know what it took to recover from Deca.

What dosage do you recommend for the anastrozole? I am just scared since I am gyno prone on the left side and my last cycle made it flare up a bit, it has gone back to original size with PCT though.
I am planning on taking the oral version and will make sure I take care of my liver. I will also do my research on the TUCDA and will take some glucosamine supplement for my joints.
I will also do my research on tbol, but it’s my first time using tren so I would like to use compounds I have already used before to assess the sides of the tren. And that’s also why I want to keep the tren dosage at 75mgs EOD.
And for the prami/caber/bromo, should I just use it in case my gyno flares back up? And would you mind guiding me with the dosage, protocol?
I will keep my clen for the first weeks of pct then.
And for my last cycle I just used Nolva at 40/40/20/20 ED doses, you think that would be appropriate again?

Thank you very much for the tips

I am going to respond to part of this right now and the rest I should respond later if I get time.

Dosage for anastrozole; If I understood your plan you will be at 350mgs a week of test prop or 100 mgs EOD. Only you know how high or low to run your AI at that dose and you only know with blood work. I do not recommend the wait and see if you have an issue then deal with it approach. (Although I have used this approach) You stated .5 mgs ED, I only go that high when I use 750mgs of test a week along with 500mgs of EQ. Mind you I am using ugl brand arimidex so. I do think it is quality and 80-90% accurate on the dosage strength though that might be wishful thinking.
I think with your dosage of test I would use .25-.5 mgs EOD for myself but that is me using my brands that I have played with. Since you have a history of gyno issues I would have extra Nolvadex on hand. When I say extra I mean more than you plan to use for pct provided it is part of your pct. SERMs arnt really for dealing with gyno that is active but I have read that guys have used them to deal with flare ups. The only one, and it’s an AI not a serm, I have read about being used to successfully treat gyno is femara. I only read up on stuff I tend to have access to so keep that in mind.

For the prami/caber/bromo, idk dosage. I live on the border with mexico. Before I started my first tren run I made sure that the pharmacy down there had it in case I would need it and again the progesterone gyno is a rare thing versus Deca triggered progesterone gyno. Try finding research chemicals for the prami/caber/bromo if you can’t get a hold of pharma. If I was in your shoes I would see how long it would take the research chemicals to make it to my door then proceed with the plan cycle because tren progesterone gyno is rare and your dosage is low. (Provided you will be using the 600mgs of B6 ED from the start of the cycle) FYI it isn’t termed tren progesterone gyno I am just saying it that way to differentiate it from traditional estrogen gyno you get from wet compounds like test dbol or EQ.

On a side/closing note I don’t post on here much but I have read a lot of threads. The guys on here dont want to do the research or whatever for you. I noticed that you did not state your age and that is a VERY relevant stat when looking at cycle and dosage. You also left out your prior cycle information as in dosage, length and the exact combination of drugs for each cycle. Please keep in mind you are asking a bunch of strangers for advice on drug usage that can seriously effect the rest of your life. No one wants to hand out advice that could seriously damage another person because they were not aware of important facts such as age and complete cycle history.

I just read your other posts about your last January cycle. The one with Deca and anavar. How high did you run your AI during that cycle? How high was your test? You might be one of those guys that reacts to the progesterone effects of deca. I say this because you did state gyno issues in your response to me. If you had your AI real high and you still had issues then that could be the progesterone. (I think)

What were your oral cycles? Did you have the gyno issues during those cycles?

Again having these issues with tren is less likely but if you had the issues with Deca I would research.