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Test Prop/Tren Ace/Masteron 10wk Cycle


I would like some input on this cycle and blend. I have 26ml of a Test Prop/Tren Ace/Masteron 100/100/100mg/1ml BLEND (so 300mg/1ml combined). It seems almost unanimous that these three compounds produce a good combination and great results. It's also essentially unanimous that NOBODY likes them pre-blended, which is what I have.. Where I find a lot of discrepancies is in dosing and pinning.

About Me: This IS my first AAS cycle. I have cycled pro hormones (2 cycles) in the past, but have been wanting to try AAS for a while. I am not a bodybuilder or a powerlifter and I need agility, ROM, and cardio for what I do so I am not looking to put on a lot of size. My goal is overall fitness, strength, and fat loss. I had been out of the gym for a little while (6mo), but have been back for 2mo now and seeing the slow and steady improvements. My plan is to not start this for another month when I can get my strength back a little closer to my PRs.

Right now I am 6', 240#, and about 20%. If I could drop 5-7% in body fat and increase strength back to my PRs+ I would be happy. My bench PR is 365 and right now I'm doing about 300. My squat PR is 450 and I'm doing about 380.

My plan:
Run 50mg of each (.5ml) EOD for 14 days and see how I feel with the tren.

If I can push then I will push to 75mg (.75ml) EOD for the 56 days (8 weeks).

I was also going to run .5mg of dex EOD. (Adjusting as necessary)

PCT with the standard NOLVA 40/40/20/20 starting 2 days after last pin.

I have on cycle liver supplements and fish oils and multivitamins for the duration of the cycle.


I have seen a lot of people run HCG with this and I wanted to know if it was necessary or just a personal preference as it doesn't seem to be ran as often with straight test/high test cycles?

I am almost positive I can meet my goals with this, but are there any suggestions or critiques to the dosing/pinning.
(I've heard ED pinning of Tren is recommended, but I'm not looking to pin everyday if I can go EOD). I also don't know how I am going to react to the test Prop as I have heard people having some pain and even difficulty working out after injecting it.

If there is pain any recommendation on pin sites (I have 6 in mind) my math puts that at 6 pins per site for the cycle..?

Thanks guys. New member, but love this site.


No man… If you really love this site and love yourself, don’t do it with as your first cycle and 20% bodyfat… too fat for steroids. I would recomend dropping bf first, without steroids.
These 3 compounds are awesome, they work very well, combined with some AI, they are great! But you need to be leaner. 20% = not a good place for steroids… but you can still do it , if stubborn


Using tren say bye bye to cardio you are not running. At your current bodyfat you will sweat ALOT with that tren. This is an incredibly powerful first cycle son. You can do it go for it but be prepared, when you take steroids alot change and you must be self aware of what the steroids are doing for you. I suggest just running Test you will feel better look better become more athletic… there is no point in using the harshest compounds first it’s a waste. It is best to start with test because the test side effects are minimum but they are basically the less severe same side effects you will get with all drugs, using test teaches you how to deal with them and use steroids correctly.