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Test Prop/Tren Ace Cycle... Winny?


So my 2nd cycle is going to be designed to maintain the strength gains I've made but to seriously lean down(weight is not as important as bf % numbers)(gains I made were great but am coming off of an 8 week injury [hernia])...diet and exercise are in check and this is not a eod vs ed discussion...I've done the research and for my goals the proposed injection times will be fine...the real question here is how much of a difference will adding Winstrol into the equation truly make...here is the proposed cycle:

Wks. 1-10: Test Prop: 100mg EOD
Tren Ace: 50 mg EOD

Wks. 5-10: 50 mg Winstrol ED

3 days after last shot start standard PCT consisting of Nolvadex 40/40/20/20

Adex on hand to use if needed @ .25 mg.

The reason I question the Winstrol's addition to this cycle and my goals is simply price...running 50 mg ed for 6 weeks will cost me as much as the rest of the ingredients combined...how effective would 25 mg ed be?

I am not a bodybuilder; I'm a martial artist/combat sports enthusiast so my goals differ than some of you but basically I would like to maintain my strength gains and cash in on a one way ticket to abville as fast as possible, diet is super clean and I'm looking to optimize fat loss.

You guys were instrumental to my first cycle so thanks again in advance for the great advice.


Watch out for the Winstrol has it has the reputation to be bad for tendons, and I'm sure you know MMA and submissions are also bad for your joints :slightly_smiling:


Well, im definitely a fan of ED pinning..I believe that tren ace should be pinned ED to maintain steady blood levels..

Buuuuuuuuuuuuut that isn't what you are asking about.

I have experience with Winstrol (oral), the dose I used ranged from 50-100mg ED for 4 weeks.

It definitely helped me to maintain muscle while cutting, and I didn't really notice any tendon pain.


This- I never had joint issues. I thought I was starting to a few days in, but it subsided.

OP- why are you running Test/Tren 2:1 respectively? As this is your second cycle I am assuming you probably haven't seen everyone here say running the opposite seems to alleviate most of the sides. If you did this for your first cycle and it worked then whatever- otherwise it would be something to at least be aware should the sides begin to take their toll...


You mean this first cycle from an obiwon thread about a week ago?

So I have some Tren Ace pellets that I mix with B12 and inject...any tips, tricks or advice...I have a good source but is unavailable at the moment (he was the one that showed me how to do it the first time) plus you guys give solid advice...tonight I couldn't get the tren to fully dissolve into the B12 and thus couldn't get it in the syringe...I have a feeling that I didn't crush the tren pellets up enough before adding the B12 but that is just a guess...

We were instrumental in that cycle?

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