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Test Prop/ Tren Ace Cycle. Letrozole and Muscle Growth?


hey everybody, im newb here.
im on 2nd week of 100mg tren ace and 100mg test prop EOD.
the first week i feel bloat AF, no kidding, i feel like im carrying water beneath my skin. (FYI, im very low in salt and my diets are pretty clean, my training is real hard so i guess there is no problem with diet and training)
the early days of my cycle, i never took any AI. since browsing all over the internet, i know how important AI to get rid the water retention.
my local dealer was offered me letrozole 0.5mg ED. the first 2 day which is 3days ago, i took it for around 0.5~mg per day. the first day i took letrozole, i feel a little bit better but now the 3rd day i didn’t take it cause i feel so weak. i got diarrhea and my body temp is so high (higher than my body temp with tren without AI). i got the tren nightmare, before letrozole the dream is just silly things but now it turns into nightmare. i also feel sick like real sick so i decided to stop it for now and waiting for some explanations from masters around here, or maybe later im gonna take it EOD.
so far i haven’t feel any gyno at all, my problem is only at the water retention. i fit in 2600~ cal per day (my daily req) and so far i add 5 pounds of muscle and a little bit of water.
the letrozole make me feel like im waterless a little bit but the sides are horrible.

my question is, can i still build muscle while taking small dosage of letrozole? or should i change the letrozole to anazole? water retention is the first world problem for me. if taking small amount of letrozole is okay for building muscle and lose water retention i think im willing to fight against the side effects. but if letrozole only make me waste my time for hoping the muscle growth, i think im gonna consider another AI.


Quit now.


I highly suggest you run something like Arimidex instead of Letro. Alot of people keep letro on hand for emergencies where some gyno might be forming and they need to run Letro until it is gone. That shit is really hard on the body. I keep some on hand for emergencies if I am running a heavy cycle for show prep. You’ll probably see better results out of your gear if you ran something less potent like Adex. Ditch the letro until you really need it. Your cycle isn’t anything crazy so Adex should be fine.


thanks man, very helpful


I agree with this, I’ve only needed letro on super high doses of test and to nuke some gyno. Some guys will run very small doses throughout the week because its more cost effective than Adex or other AI’s, but as far as dosing goes, adex will probably serve a better purpose for you.

Also, I’ve used letro a handful of times, and the only pharma grade letro I’ve ever seen comes at 2.5mg - not 0.5mg, unless it was some UGL shit you bought.

I know me trying to advocate you getting off this cycle is not going to work, so Ill leave you with saying that you need to do your fucking research.


letro will kill gains. thats why if you resort to letro just end cycle.


yes i already feel it. if i stop the letro and switch to anazole/adex i can still continue my cycle and keep making gains right?


Luckily yes I would drop the letro, go through 2 injections, this way we get some estrogen again then add the adex.


so for now i dont need to add the adex? i just pin this morning but have not take the adex


If you pinned today and you are pinning Sunday, you could start you Adex EOD on Monday. You should be just fine if you start then. Fuck Letro unless you REALLY need it to kill gyno or take it at the end of a heavy cycle. Even then, I’d rather just run Adex and use the Letro as a last resort.


understood sir. once again, thanks a lot for your answer, very very helpful


Bodies need salt…especially active ones.