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Test Prop + Tren A Cycle Question

Hi all,
I’m 25, this will be my third AAS cycle, I weigh about 185. Ive cycled Test E in the past along with HGH with favorable results. I take training and diet very seriously. My question is I’m receiving 20cc of Test Prop (100mg/mL) and 20cc of Tren Acetate (75mg/mL). I want to run anywhere from a 6-8 week cycle. Any ideas on dosage schedules? Currently I am considering 100mg/75mg of Prop and Tren respectively dosed MWF. Thanks for the feedback.

I am also considering running the Tren at possibly 50mg EOD to reduce sides instead of 75mg, any comments?

Well, 2 g (20 mL x 100 mg/mL) of TP divided into 6 weeks works out to just under 50 mg/day, and 1.5 g of TA (20 mL x 75 mg/mL) divided into 6 weeks works out to just over 35 mg/day.

So there you have it.

Since you’d do best to inject the TA daily, why not inject 1/2 mL each of the TP and TA in the same 1 mL, 1/2 inch insulin syringe, for IM injection.

Oh, and on the reducing-the-TA dose question: 37.5 mg/day is already a low dose suitable for those who have problems with more substantial doses of trenbolone.

So for ED pinning that would run 7 days a week correct?

Sarcasm aside, every day pinning does equate to seven days a week.

would cabergoline or letro be necessary to run alongside (anti-e, caber for the prolactin, etc.) I have some liquid nolva on hand just in case. just wondering due to the short nature of the cycle. Im 100% using nolva for PCT, just curious about on cycle

on previous test enanthate cycles just noticed slght puffiness in left nipple with some sensitivity. was running 500mg a week for 12 weeks

Caber use is debatable. I use it during tren and deca use as a failsafe.

Always run an AI when using test, like a’dex (anastrozole).

Use of cabergoline “because” trenbolone is being used is based on an untrue theory that trenbolone has significant progestagenic effects, and not on outcomes resulting from use of actual trenbolone.

It may be the case that it has been useful with blackmarket “trenbolone”. Inasmuch as trenbolone is much more expensive per kilo than most other anabolic steroids, temptation to cut it with other products is high and the percentage of bad UGL finished products is pretty high in the few instances that such has been reported (I don’t know of testing done on powders.)

Formerly I had said that trenbolone had no progestagenic activity, based on a veterinary study which found none, as well as the fact that the claimed problems don’t occur with material that actually is known to be trenbolone (Finaplix H preparations) but only with blackmarket products which the user has not confirmed as being pure trenbolone. There has been a more recent study in which the raw data shows 1/100th the potency of progesterone itself, which is not for practical purposes significantly different from zero, but in fact differs from it, so that’s worth pointing out for the sake of accuracy.

The “trenbolone is progestagenic” theory comes from people trying to play medicinal chemist and arguing structure-activity relationship (“19-nors are progestagenic!”) without having adequate evidence, which they will never have as there is no such cause-effect relationship, and not bothering to consider that some given gyno-causing blackmarket product, if such helped motivate their thinking, is unproven to be pure trenbolone.