Test Prop & Test E

Just going to give a brief. Late 40’s, thinking of trying Test for the 1st time. I’m being advised to run both Test Prop & Test E at the same time, which is confusing to me.

Test Prop, 3x/week was thinking of keeping it to 3-400ml and then 1 shot of Test E to “apparently” balance myself.

Have been doing a bunch of reading, watching youtube, buy I have yet to find anything on running both at the same time.

Also inquired about PCT and guy looked alarmed that I asked. Known the guy awhile, big dude, but not all bodies are the same.

Wondering if this is safe and a viable long term solution?

I can’t see much in the way of plusses to running both at the same time.
Prop works fast, but after a couple of weeks of running Test E as well there wouldn’t be any benefit over just Test E.

Prop can be very painful with post injection pain-PIP. High frequency of injections can be pretty painful, especially with virgin muscle, and being new to self injecting steroids.

Where prop could be useful, would be in the last 3 weeks of a test E cycle, instead of test E. It would reduce the amount of time before PCT.

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Thx for your reply and info.

Although this is new world for me, I also didn’t think it was logical to run both at the same time. I’ll research Test E cycle and follow advice to running Prop after.

Again, nervous at the same time. Also the lack of PCT info has me on the fence as well.

Do plenty of research, use the search function on the main page for PCT, beginners cycles.

Also because of your age instead of cycling steroids(which you can try, and see how it goes), you might want to consider TRT, or eventually blasting and cruising(doing a cycle then going on TRT dose, instead of doing a PCT). There is always a risk of fertility problems when doing steroids, so if you still thinking of having kids , keep that in mind.

LOl, I’m 47 soon, fixed at 32 when I left my wife, so yeah, no more kids.

Have talked to Dr’s about TRT, they look at me, healthy and strong looking and say no way. Former PL’r, still have mass, but not “building” muscle anymore, or at least I don’t think I am.

Sad actually that I’m the age I am and a total newb to all of this.Again, just want to benefit from that well being aspects and continue to grow.

Not sad at all, its actually the perfect time to start, before a man really starts to lose muscle from naturally declining testosterone, and other aging related issues.

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Without having been present for the conversation you had in which you were advised to run enanthate and propionate together I can venture an explanation for what he might have been trying to say.

Enanthate will take a few weeks to kick in obviously. The guy might have been saying just run one bottle of prop at the beginning of the cycle as a Kickstarter. You would start both enanthate and propionate together and most likely take a 1cc shot containing 100mgs of test prop EOD. If you started them together and did the 1cc EOD shots then the prop bottle would last about 3 weeks. In those three weeks the enanthate would have time to build up to significant amounts of test being released from the enanthate ester, provided you were injecting regularly while using the prop. It’s the same basic principle as with an oral kickstart. You will get to the benefits much quicker than if you just start with enanthate alone and just wait for the enanthate to build up in your system. I don’t really run a kickstart myself usually but a lot of guys do.

Now if you already have a bottle of prop you can use it as a kickstart but like beyond said if you use it at the end of the cycle you can start PCT a few days after you stop vs waiting two weeks if you finish with enanthate. The quick PCT timing only works if you switch from enanthate to propionate for at least two weeks. You have to stop injecting the enanthate then switch to propionate and this only works if you are not running some other hormone with a long ester along side the prop.

Hey thanks for the informative post. The guy I talk to does know his stuff, I was just trying to find out what short/long term effects might be, but couldn’t find info regarding someone running both at the same time.

I’ve decided to just run E for the time being to see how my body adapts.Given my age, it’s something I may run for extended periods of time, so want to dot my i’s and cross my t’s before going down that road.

The way it was described I would run Prop 3x/week with 1 dose of E/weekly.

Thx again to the both of you for your insight. Honestly, I don’t want to mess my shot up and want to be smart about this.

Unless you plan on coming off, which at your age I’d suggest not coming off ever; don’t worry about PCT. It’s a pain in the butt anyway and a waste of $ when you could be spending that $ on more gear or blood work.

I’d maybe get some blood work done to see where you stand now. Get the hormone balance test, blood lipids and blood count looked at with PSA.

I personally wouldn’t run the Test Prop. No need. Just run the Test E and you’ll be fine.

I’ve run at least 125-250mg per week for 6 years nonstop with no problems. I was diagnosed with low test at 37 yrs old. I have blasted here and there but mostly stay on the lower doses which still have big benefit in building muscle and strength along with just generally feeling better. It seems to be a safe and effective dose.