Test Prop/Test Cyp/Tren

ive been thinking about the proposed cycle;
1-3 and 10-12 ; test prop 100 eod
1-9 ; test cyp 500 ew
5-11 ; tren 75 eod
so i would appreciate your help.thank you

Read a sticky or five

first cycle?

at any rate, Bonez is right

'nough said

im 34
been training for over 6 years
done cycles of ph
and 3 cycles that consisted of test, test/deca, d -bol/Test E /Proviron
as pct goes the usual nolva,armidex,b-6

sorry about that.been trying to get advice on this one and no answers.and believe me i have read A LOT
OF STICKIES.some of them come close to what in talking about,but not close enough.i need a definite answer.i would appreciate you guys advise on this one.

You have not asked a question though… :confused: whoops!

I promise - if you ask a specific, genuine and deliberate question, I WILL reply in kind (with a specific, honest and deliberate question).

how should i ask the question.i was wondering what you thought of the cycle.or if you think its a decent one.

im not sure what you mean.but do you mean test prop 1-3 and 10-12,and then the test cyp 4-9.i was just trying to front load or use as a kicker with the prop .but if im wrong then i can try that way too .i was thinking if i can get away doing it the way you say .if im right in what you mean, is it still a good cycle .plus , i was thinking i wasnt going to have enough test cyp at the end,thats why i added the prop at the end.

the less shots the better

Well seeing as that is all you can bother to ask… then my answer is…

No, i do not think it is decent.

You honestly need to give a little more effort into your posts and communication. read some threads here and see how humans tend to communicate with one another on this site. It may help.

thank you for your help,bro.