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Test Prop PCT Help

so i will be starting my Test prop cycle everything is on point ill just have to ask after the last pin how many hours or days should i start my pct? i’ve done my research some says 16 hours,2 days,4 days or 1 week im confused what is the real start after the last pin

it’s an 8 week cycle i read a topic in this forum short cycles have short pct too for two-three weeks so my pct is

then it says hcg is not needed for short cycles according to the topic…

the topic is here…

Dude, I have already told you what to do in your previous topic lol… Your over complicating things and just clogging up the forum lol.

Why are you mentioning a 4 week PCT and asking about HCG AGAIN!

Test Prop is very fast acting, the start of a PCT will depend on what ester you use… with prop you should start a day or 2 after your last pin…

8 week pct @ 20mg nolva for 8 weeks

HCG @ 250iu 3 x per week!

End of story lol.

cause in that thread that got many viewers and good good feeback says for short cycles dont need hcg cause i can recover faster im confused…

you never need hCG to recover. Lots of people run long cycles without it and recover fine.

That said, the shit helps so there’s really no reason not to use it. It’s not like it’s expensive either.

I’m just finishing a 4 weeker and while I probably didn’t need hCG for a cycle of that length I still used it. It’s just good sense.

Dude, I’ve just read some of your other posts in other parts of the forum.

You do NOT need to be taking steroids at this stage. Trust me; you’re not ready yet.

what did you take to your 4 weeker cycle

prop and dbol.

Out of curiosity, what are your stats? Bodyweight, body fat, lifts, etc.

24 y/o 120lbs to 175lbs 18-23% bf 4 years lifting on and off… 11 months consistent lifts squat:385 DL:445 BP:305 i mainly train shit and lifting was just for fun but till then shit hit me so hard and i became serious to lean out and to be bigger faster stronger and leaner