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Test Prop Only

I am looking for several months in the future but I am looking for something simple and something mild at the same time.

rough example is test prop at 100mg EOD for 12 weeks. comes out to 400mg a week

I have found test prop with other things like tren,winny
but cant find any definative answers to using it alone.

I am interested in this because the half life is so short and that I think it would be beter if sides show up with me.
I havent had anything since 03 and I am not sure how I will react to it also with whats going on now a days I am really only comfortable obtaining prop,very limited resources.
anyways am I correct on the sides,would it be better or will it be worse because of the frequency needed to maintain proper levels?
also am I correct that it comes out to 400mgs a week,total of about 5 grams for the whole 12 week cycle?
not worried about pct right now I do know I will not go into anything without atleast a’dex and nolva on hand
that is unless something else is suggested

am I dumb for even concidering this
opinons please

Why is it dumb? It is testosterone after all…

I think people put a little too much/little thought into what an ester is or does.

EOD may cause more sides than an ED frequency though, and if you want to take 400mg a week divide that by the 7 which is about 60mg a day.

This will give you a more stable blood level of the drug.

AFAIK, i doubt you would gain anything more or less than the same amount of Cyp or Enan a week.

400mg a week is kinda low, i am a reserved user and even i wouldnt go below 500mg and that is with proviron. i doubt that 400mg a week without proviron would be very good, when 500mg a week with proviron is really pretty fucking good.

Other than that, there is no reason IMO to say dont do that cycle, as test is test as far as i am concerned.

What sides are you concerned about in particular?

honestly I am just being a sissy is all.

my previous cycle I screwed it up being an idiot

I just want to make sure I am doing it proper this next time around.
trying to keep it very simple where it will be hard to mess up inadverantly.
dont care about pinning every day thats cool with me.

not trying to gain mass,not now anyways
I have a BF% in the mid 20s still from my last go around and I am bringing that down to a respectable level and then I would like to have something that will offset the catabolism that will be caused by my diet to finish off my transformation.
I am an ex fighter and want to get back into training by next winter even if i do not have the help.

I can do things right,I can eat right work hard and allow nature to do what she does.which is what I am doing,in no way do I want a magic pill but OTOH
I say screw nature shes a bitch,she never did a thing for me except make me have a hard head and heavy hands.
besides nature didnt make me fat,I did so I am making me unfat.its simple really.
which brings me to my next question
which BF% max should I be at before I even think about Pinning myself again.

I know I shouldnt now because there is more a chance of estro releated sides due to aromatise,correct?

my target date is sometime around Jan 09 by then with how I am going I should be back to a decent size

I am ATM 282 and 26% at 5’8’’

Sorry, that post is particularly confusing.

What do you mean by,

“which BF% max should I be at before I even think about Pinning myself again”

is that as in a low BF after dieting or high? I dont understand what the plan is?

also, why say- “I know I shouldnt now because there is more a chance of estro releated sides due to aromatise,correct?” what is the thinking behind that?

TBH, you are a quarter of fat, you could drop to 18-20% without needing AAS to reduce catabolism IMO.

What exactly are ou being a sissy about? injecting? aromatisation? DHT? what?

At 25% fat, it isnt finishing off your transformation - you are yet to begin it arent you?

please write the above post again less like i can read your mind, and more like you are trying to provide me with the necessary information that i need to know and only you do know.

[quote]nichaaron wrote:

which brings me to my next question
which BF% max should I be at before I even think about Pinning myself again.

If you are going for lean cuts, then any bf is probably OK. Also, prop will be great because of the reasons you listed for sides and being able to stop. Also, you typically hold less water while using prop.

[quote]nichaaron wrote:
I know I shouldnt now because there is more a chance of estro releated sides due to aromatise,correct?

Are you suggesting you will aromatize more test to estro because of your bf?

[quote]nichaaron wrote:
my target date is sometime around Jan 09 by then with how I am going I should be back to a decent size

I am ATM 282 and 26% at 5’8’’

You could definitely shave some off by then.
Carb cycling works best for me mixed with varying intensity cardio.

Best of luck!

I am sorry for my post,I get that way sometimes my brain works too fast for my fingers to transfer it down in text.

I started out going from around 215-220 or 230 at the most fairly lean up to to 320 with 37% Bf this is after an injury and many many excuses.

I am currently 282 and mid 20s Body fat so I am a long way in but also a long way from my goal.

 now the nitty gritty of this is I am not fat by nature.

I was in great shape I made a mistake tp get where I am now and it has been a very short amount of time actually.

I got blood tests done a couple months ago and the doc was not willing to put me on TRT because my levels were "normal for a man my girth"and also my age did not warrent it. I am 29
I do have high cortisol and store almost all my fat in the gut.

I understand that test and cortisol are basicly evil oposites and when you have more of one you will have less of another.

so questions are
if I have a high BF % then will the test I take in be switched over to estro eaiser,or am I confused on that
my understanding is because a large number of the receptors for the enzime is located in adipose tissue.

  1. if this is the case then what would be the highest bf% to shoot for before I start up again.I will wait untill I get down to a decent size if there are too many risks

I am not afriad of hard work I just feel I should have a greater reward for the greater work involved.

and finaly,am I correct with the test,cortisol corrilation,
will I in theory be able to up my test levl to a point where my cortisol will go down and then my natural production is no longer “normal for a man of my girth” but normal in general,or close to it?

I want to be able to continue getting stronger as I eat less,dieting is very hard for me,not because of self control
it is becasue I work in scrap yards bailing copper and steal scrap and striping automobiles which is a very physicaly demanding job

if I dont eat I get weak if I am weak I can not lift heavy enough in the gym to do any good and also I am hard pressed to do my job and I do not want to loose my job…

I am asking for the best of both worlds I think it can be done,hope anyways just wanted to be sure.

my idea is that if I incorperate a lower dose,short estered test,to minimise possible sides,and if sides are to occure it will be eaiser to get off the drug and reduce the risk of permanant damage.
along with my current max effort 4x a week training,and my carb depleted 250+ grams a day protien intake.

I can add more mass under this fat which in turn will burn more fat and lower my over all body fat %
this along with lower caloric intake I can possibly diet down without risking my muscle mass and strength.

hope this is less confusing
if its not im sorry
atleast I know what I want :wink:
if its possible fine if not then I will just be patient and do what I am currently doing

Being that you have a higher level of bodyfat, and therefore an abundance of adipose tissue, you will in fact have a higher level of aromatase activity.

Now, what does this mean for you? I feel that many things in the world of AAS become so ingrained in our minds throughout the years, from the experienced veterans, that they just become statements that we regurgitate without regard to the statement’s origins. Dogma, if you will.

For brevity’s sake, lets skip the numerous examples and go straight to your situation for instance. Just about everyone, and there mother, recommends that you get down to around 10% bodyfat or less before you begin a cycle or use AAS in general.

Is there anything wrong with this? Absolutely not. You will be rewarded with a lower level of aromatase activity, you will gain less fat with your new found muscle, you will have a lower chance of seeing adverse effects on blood lipids and other health related issues, and you will have more dramatic visual results during the cycle and at the end. I am sure there are more benefits that I have forgotten to list, but lets move on.

Now, experienced AAS users in the past and still to this day recommend lowering your bodyfat levels before the use of AAS, so you will see a lower incidence of estrogenic side effects. We seem to forget, however, that back in the day very few bodybuilders knew about or had access to aromatase inhibitors.

We know have access to many ancillary drugs that help us ward off side effects from supra-physiological levels of androgens in our bodies.

What I am getting at is this…I believe that a reasonable dosage of Testosterone along with an aromatase inhibitor will benifit a man in your situation a great deal. I say a reasonable dose because of the health related issues that can come with large doses of androgens, more than any other reason.

I am continually amazed at how well testosterone burns fat, and prevents the accumulation of fat in the abdominal region. I don’t want to hear anyone tell me testosterone doesn’t burn fat or stop fat from accumulating in the abdominal region! The fuck it doesn’t! The cortisol blunting effects that testosterone exhibits are nothing less than spectacular for someone like me who produces more than any two men can handle.

If you feel your test levels are low, or you display symptoms of low test, there is no good reason you should have to suffer. Your doctor works for you, find one that will do his/her job!

If you can’t find a doc that will work with you, put yourself on TRT. Just be sure to research as much as you can before doing anything and get regular blood work done. The guys over at the “Over The Hill Lifters” section should be able to help you out. Sorry, I have to make fun of you old guys while im still young! Hope this helps…

mr bonney sir,I assume that is what the WHB is for.ya know with the photo and all,anyway
you confirmed all my current research,thank you,

my test levels are not low they are borderline,the doc said they are fine he wanted to wait told me to try trib and 6oxo. I am guessing that due to the higher cort. levels tha tis why my Test levels are reading semi-low.

its ok because with my shitty ins. I still cant pay the out of pocket. for TRT and I wouldnt want to go in to an office to get a shot I would want to keep an eye on thinsg myself and listen to my own body.

I am not jumping into this right away,that is what got me in this to begin with.lots more reading and asking around to come.

test prop looks promising for what I want some like JJ say ED others say EOD.I am leaning more towards lower dosages ED up to 500mg per week

AI is a must still looking into whichs ones are best.I am also looking into adding the AIs before starting the injections.
if this has no benifit then I wont obviosly but possibly if I can get the AIs into my system first then tha twill ofset any potentiol problems
just an idea and its looking like doing tha twill actually cause more problems than its worth but we will see.

a serm on hand but I will use a gradual taper.
I wont be going on TRT unless I really need it and I will go in for blood work every 2 weeks to keep an eye on things and thats about all.
nice,simple,and hopefully effective

I have read that Test indeed helps with everything including fat burning and body comp.I just cant find any research based on the obese.all I can find is medical studies for chronic wasting.
again thank you you are one more person that confirmed what I have “heard”

I say borderline shmorderline! If your test levels are not at the high end of normal, then your test levels aren’t in the right place. Men do best and are happier at the high end of normal.

6-OXO is just a synonym for garbage, and Tribulus will make you horny as hell, but it won’t do much else in my opinion. Just buy a bottle of Test, at least you know it will work.

Your right not to jump in head first. Educate yourself and decide for yourself.

Test prop is my favorite and it can be shot EOD, however I prefer every day dosing or even more frequently e.g. every 12 hours (this 12 hour dosing would be for higher total weekly dosages, so to cut down on the volume injected at one time in any given muscle). I don’t mind pinning myself often, but others find it inconvenient. I think 500mg a week would be good, however I feel given your current situation, a dose of 350mg per week (100mg EOD) over a longer period of time would benefit you greater than a short cycle.

The AI to use is Arimidex/Anastrozole, it is the alpha and omega of AIs. There is no need to start before your cycle/TRT, as it will get into your system quickly and you will build stable blood levels quickly.