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Test Prop Only Cycle, Feedback?

I am starting a Cycle of Test Prop Only. I am going to be doing a 12 week cycle EOD 1ml/100mg shots. I was wondering should I do a 8 week cycle at a higher dose or keep the 12 week cycle that i am going to be doing. I am starting Tuesday 2/21/12. I will post my states on Tuesday as well as pictures of my progress. But I need some advice on the cycle if that is fine or go shorter like 8 weeks. If i go shorter what shots should i take and how many days a week?

I attached pictures of the Test Prop that i have.

Also I was told I can shot EOD on cheeks.

I also have on the way for my second cycle which I need help with as well. Here is what i ordered. What is your feedback on both and for the second please post some cycles that i can with that.

30 amp enthanate 250mg per ml total 7500 mg’s. 500 danabol 10 mgs. . 15 amps each Dbol

Yea I would definitely do a shorter cycle with higher doses. Plus the prop will get to working the first week.