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Test Prop Only 10 Week Cycle

25 yrs old , 210lbs,11%,
Been lifting since I was 15 but I joined the military untill last year so it’s been on and off all the time as I’ve been away alot and could lift weights ,I started at 15 at 136lbs so put on a good amount of size before touching any test .this will be my 3rd cycle so far so I’m keeping it nice a simple for now before I start throwing in multiple compounds.

0.25 arimidex EOD

Week 1 test prop 75mg EOD

Wk 2 100 mg EOD

Wk 3/10 150 EOD

3 days after last pin
PCT nova 40/20/20/10

I’m quite prone to gyno so I have letro to hand as well but I don’t obviously want to use that shit if I can avoid it as I want some estrogen at least .
Thanks in advance for any advice or critique .

I see absolutely no benefit of pyramiding test in that fashion. If anything common sense would lead me to believe it could make side effects worse. I also think hcg is unnecessary for a blast but if it’s something you do for personal reasons and are comfortable Doing it then go for it. I wouldn’t assume your gonna need an adex Increase. Listen to your body or get labs drawn and go from there. 0.25 adex a day is a lot. For me that would have me feeling like shit but if you have used this method before then go with what works for you.

Sorry I meant EOD for the adex no ED ,and no I do agree with you on the HCG so I’ll drop it and save it for next time ,I was going to add in a different compound as well but due to having to do a medical in four months from now I can’t as I’d fail it but I wasn’t sure really if I did need it or not but thanks for the advice ,I’ll amend that now