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Test Prop Myth?


Ok, I'm loathed to post this but I have to ask.
Everyone I train with claim prop should never be used longer than five/six weeks as it "stops working".
Now I can't find any evidence for this.
I want to run a 16wk cycle with EQ and would like to run it with prop... I love prop and the number of jabs (EOD) doesn't bother me... But my gear guy is one of these nay sayers and keeps trying to tell me test-x/cyp is the way forward.
Am I going mad or is there any truth to this??!! Is prop bad for longer cycles - I personally can't believe it myself. Is it just because of the frequency??


Your dealer is wrong.

He's probably telling you to buy whatever else because he makes a larger profit off of it.


Test is test. The esther only affect how long it stays in your system


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Ah Bushi, long time!!

Thanks guys. I feel like such a tool for asking that but you hear enough bull, after a while you start questioning yourself... More fool me, but at least I have cleared that up. Thanks!!

The up side is I get to run prop in my cycle which I love!! :slightly_smiling: