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Test Prop My 1st Cycle Results

[quote]littlerunt wrote:
Hi - I’m about to start a simple Test Prop cycle (unless my test enanth happens to finally come through, in which case I’ll use that instead) and have a question - if there was bloating on your prop cycle, wouldn’t Adex have helped with that?[/quote]

Bloating wasn’t too bad, just in the face it is quiet noticeable.
Not sure if Adex would have helped, but it was a minor problem.

[quote]mingledorff7 wrote:
Have you taken pics yet?-[/quote]

I have but my comp wont detect my damn phone.
I’ll try it on my laptop…

Hey mate fellow aussie here, and have been wondering about a cycle like yours.
Just wanting to know if your cholesterol went up by much?
And what did your shots looks like?

Well done mate.

P.s. Does anyone know of something to keep ba cholesterol down in general? and also on a cycle?

Fish oil tabs works well for for cholesterol as a suppliment.

In general, some changes in you diet will do a better job ie. addition of more whole grains, fruits & veggies.

Also, Ive heard that the regular consumption of apple cider vinegar can help with cholesterol. I dont know this to be true as ive only used it to help lower my blood pressure and it seems to have worked well.

To the OP, what specifically were your stats like before and after, such as your lifts, weight, bf%?


[quote]LiftEatSleep wrote:
mingledorff7 wrote:
Have you taken pics yet?-

I have but my comp wont detect my damn phone.
I’ll try it on my laptop… [/quote]

send them to your email via txt message and then upload them


thaks for that mate!

did you run HCG on this cycle? As I ve run test e before and started Hcg on the 3rd week…is it the same for t prop?

His balls shrunk so presumably no HCG. This was 9 years ago BTW.

If I m running HCG on a t prop when do I start? 3rd week?

You should start first week. AAS will shut you down immediately. No biggie if you haven’t started HCG yet. Just start now. 250iu every other day or every third day.

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thanks alot @Androgenoid …i haven’t started yet… Wasn’t sure about Hcg…gonna start Next Week…thanks again

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