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Test Prop My 1st Cycle Results


Hey guys,

I thought I'd make a thread to give some insight into what
a 1st time user of Test Prop can expect in terms of results, sides etc. Of course they will not be universal across the board, but I figure my results/sides are typical.

Additionally, I'd like to thank everyone that has
contributed to the numerous threads I have made regarding getting my gear, planning my cycle and problems (including infection) that occurred during my cycle. Especially those who have helped build the steroid newbie thread.

My cycle was:
500mg of Test Prop a week, injected EOD.
Originally I had planned it for 8 weeks, but I have stopped at 6 weeks. Originally I was taking 50mg of Proviron daily, but I dropped this after 2 weeks. I just finished my cycle today (start PCT soon.

Diet/Training: Consumed 6-8 meals a day, high protein, medium fat, medium carbs. Only supplement used was Dymatize Elite protein. Had SOME bad days in terms of diet. Was drinking 2-3L of water a day. Training from 4-6 days a week depending on how I felt. Based on the compounds (Squat, Deadlift, Benchpress, Military Press) with some isolation work.

Results: Total weight gain was 20.2lbs in 6 weeks. I'm very happy with this outcome. The results are very visible, clothes are a lot tighter, all measurements are up, bodyfat% is pretty much the same. Stregth gains were all impressive during the first 2 weeks, after that, strength gains seem to slow down, but muscle gains do not. Endurance is much higher.


Injecting EOD is a bit annoying, rotating sites is awesome, expect some stiffness/pain the next day or 2 with prop injections, but its not too bad, probably the worst the 1st time you inject each muscle group. I used the Glute, Ventro-Glute and Shoulders without problems. I used quads twice, I do not advise quad injection, one it is painful and two it is very sore the next day. My quad was also infected about 4 weeks into the cycle, probably due to poor injection technique, 3 days of antibiotics solved the problem.

Sides: ACNE. My back is covered in acne, besides having 2 showers a day. Although I am prone to acne anyway. My face was fine, other than some mild acne here and there, but nothing noticeable (thank god.)

TESTICULAR SHRINKAGE: My balls have shrank a fair bit.

HAIR GROWTH: I have single, long hairs on my back. They seem longer and there seem to be more of them. Facial hair was also growing back a lot quicker. More, longer hairs also on forearms.

WATER RETENTION: While my muscle aren't too bad, my face has really bloated up. My face looks quite puffy.

LIBIDO: While on cycle, initially the 1st 2 weeks, I did not notice much of a difference. If anything, was less interested in sex. HOWEVER from that point on, mate, I was sex-crazed. You just want to have sex, again and again and again. Remained functional throughout the duration of the cycle.

My next cycle shall be Deca/Test E probably towards June.
Will be asking for advice on planning etc pretty soon!



20.2lb in 6 weeks is an amazing gain, congratulations. I hope your PCT and the follow-on training curriculum you have in mind are good, so you can be looking at keeping a high percentage of that.


Great results LES! You sound like you went about everything the right way.

Any reason you dropped the provi after 2 weeks? I felt it really helped me out on my last cycle. And why didn't you end up running the test the full 8 weeks?

Also, I don't guess you took any pictures to let us compare results?

Either way, congratulations on a great cycle.


Thanks for this input man! I was wondering about prop as it pertains to the frequent injections. Congrats on a successful 1st cycle, its great inspiration!!

One question, you say your bodyfat % is pretty much the same, does this mean you increased muscle mass without increasing bodyfat, or you increased both bodyfat and muscle mass and the ratio is the same as when you started?



Hey mate,

Dropped the Proviron because it was in liquid form, disgusting to drink and didn't notice any difference off it (if i did, would have jumped back on.)

Cut the cycle short due to diminishing gains, gained 16lbs in the first 4 weeks, then only 4 pounds in the next 2 weeks. As I plan to cycle again near June, I want to have as much time off as possible, get the receptors fresh again and also let my systems/lipid profile normalise.

I took some pics which I'll post up when I can. Took them on my phone and have had issues uploading. Will try again tonight.



Don't let the frequent injections hold you back. Once you start injecting, you look forward to it. It is the best feeling pumping roids into your system. Besides the initial prick, it doesn't hurt, can go as slow as you like. Soreness isn't anywhere near as bad as some people make it out to be, although, that could have something to do with my gear being high quality, or my body not being allergic to it.

Increased muscle mass without increasing bodyfat %
Dare I say, I think I even lost a little bit. Am looking (slightly) more defined and waist is the same. Looking a lot bigger too.



Did you have any signs of gyno? And what was your blood pressure like while on, if you know?


No gyno, no itchy/sensitive nipples and I checked them regularly for hard bumps. All good.

Not sure if BP was high or not, didn't check.
Although I did have terrible headaches one day, but they may have been coincidental.


did you get blood work done? just curious


Yes, before hand.
Everything was fine.
Will get it done again once I've completed PCT.


Thanks for sharing. Nice results. I'm wondering if your PCT will consist of?
I like your dosage too. A lot of guys start prop at 100mg EOD which is only 350mg a week which is a light dosage IMO. 500mg of Prop is the equal of 600-650mg of Cyp or Enanthate.


PCT will be simple.
Nolva, 40/30/20/10.
No need for too many compounds on such a simple cycle.

Yeah 500mgs is a very safe does, not too many sides and great results. Put it this way, I can't see their being more harm from using the extra 150mgs but I can see there being less gains from using 150mgs less!


Regarding proviron I have heard the oral versions taste horrid. Proviron is not something you really "feel" either, certainly not after 2 weeks. I often don't start proviron until I'm two weeks into my Test. With six weeks of prop proviron is probably not as necessary as 10+ weeks of Enanthate.


Thanks mate.
Any tips for keeping gains?
I have Nolva and Clen on hand......


What are the benifits of using proivron?
Preventing Estrogen build up and water retention?
That's what I thought but I didn't notice much difference.
Maybe because it was first 2 weeks only.....


Binds to SHBG, thereby freeing up more test for use. Also aids water retention reduction and increases sex drive (not that that is necessary on a good cycle of test). It's good stuff. Though I really have no way of knowing how much more or less effective test is without it because I have only run test with Proviron.


Completely agree with Cortes. Also it is hard to measure the effectiveness of proviron


Well I'm glad I kept it, means I can use it for my Test E/Deca cycle!

Already got myself a good source for some Genesis Deca 250, Test E however, need a better source, can only get Vet Grade (the bladder has a pic of a sheep on it lol)


Hi - I'm about to start a simple Test Prop cycle (unless my test enanth happens to finally come through, in which case I'll use that instead) and have a question - if there was bloating on your prop cycle, wouldn't Adex have helped with that?


Have you taken pics yet?-