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Test Prop/Masteron Cycle

Height: 6’4"
Weight: 235lbs
Age: 23
Bench: 400lbs
Squat: 505lbs
Deadlift: 515lbs
BF%: 10%

Hey guys, here’s my proposed cycle. Open to any suggestions/criticism. Main goal is to harden up a bit for summer. Diet is good, training is great. Also, this will be my first experience with ED injections, what is the norm for injection site rotation… delt, delt, glute, glute, quad, quad, repeat?

Weeks 1-8:
Test Prop- 75mg ED
Masteron- 100mg ED
Aromasin- 25mg ED (Gyno Prone)

Also during weeks 5-8:
HCG- 500iu Every 3rd Day

Week 9:
Aromasin- 25mg ED
Nolva: 40mg ED

Week 10:
Aromasin- 12.5mg ED
Nolva: 40mg ED

Week 11&12:
Nolva: 20 mg ED

Also got some Clen laying around, thinking of throwing it in also during weeks 3&4 and weeks 7&8?

Both 2 week clen cycles would look like this:
Days 1&2: 60mcg
Days 3&4: 80mcg
Days 5&6: 100mcg
Days 7&8: 120mcg
Days 9&10: 100mcg
Days 11&12: 80mcg
Days 13&14: 60mcg

Also will take Taurine on all days I take the Clen and Benadryl on days 5 and 10 of clen cycles to help with beta-2 receptors.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Looks solid, go kill it.