Test Prop/Masteron/Clen Cycle

Looking to run

Test prop 100mg eod x 8wks

Masteron 100mg eod x 8wks

Clen wk 2 25mcg ed
wk 3 50mcg ed

Winstrol wk 6-8 50mg ed

Quick stats…
26 years old, 185lbs, 12% BF
Training hard for 6 years
Bench: 315
Squat: 405
Deadlift: 525

Goal is to cut down to 6% body fat while making lean gains.

Advice/Critique please.

Your total level of use (700 mg/week, most weeks) is good, as is your particular combination, which generally works very well.

You don’t have an aromatase inhibitor present. Most times, this particular combination doesn’t need it however. If you have experience with the combination, or experience with moderate testosterone or Dianabol usage and from this know you don’t have particular sensitivity to estrogen (with regard to gyno) then there would be no real reason to add an aromatase inhibitor. If not having that experience, you could consider low dose anti-aromatase use such as about 1/3 mg letrozole per day. However, again, most won’t need it with this combo.

The clenbuterol and then Winstrol will give you a little added edge.

Good cycle, you should get good results.

will definitely consider running an ai.

Body fat from 12% to 6% in 8 weeks and gain lean mass, you need few changes in this cycle.

First, add tren ace in 8 weeks, 200mg a week

Second, change winny to m1t in last three weeks, 15mg a day

Get some silibinin, NAC for liver and kidney protection

[quote]spicebrah6 wrote:
Thank you for your input! I will definitely consider running an ai. [/quote]

It would be better not to consider and either run it from the start, or at bare minimum have it on hand.