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Test Prop, Masteron and Stanazolol Low Doses


6 week cycle

200 prop / w
200 mast/w
30 mg stanazolol daily

during the cycle hcg
pct clomid 25/25/12.5/12.5
armidex on hand during cycle if needed

Any thoughts ?


Why those doses? You’ll see some gains from your cycle, but not much. What’s your goals, what do you want from the cycle, why are you doing the cycle? Stats, experience?


I expect 4 5 lbs muscle mass with some 2 3 pounds bf dropped nothing too crazy as you can see.The doses will work im more worried because i run 2 dht . Stats 5 y exp in the gym almost 200 lbs at 11 12 % bf


I wouldn’t expect that much but who knows, is this a first or second cycle?
What is your concern with 2 dht compounds?
Why the test so low?
I don’t think the hcg is necessary but I usually run it and makes recovery easier, I’d just divide one 5000iu bottle into the 6 weeks. If it was my cycle I’d hit 50mg a day of all 3 compounds myself but it’s your cycle.
Have fun and good luck!


My concern is obvious i think. Low libido and sex drive due to the 2 dht , although i have 200mg test so i can keep the boys on. I thought i 'll be gtg with 1000 iu every 2-3 weeks because i cant split the dosage . Do you think its still ok if I dont split it ?


Dht is going to raise your libido and sex drive. They’re both going to lower SHBG and free up test. I think you must be thinking about 19-Nors (tren, deca). I’d be concerned with always wishing your libido was as good as its going to be with mast, winny, prop but absolutely no concern of low libido with either of the compounds at any dose.

I would skip the hcg honestly as it’ll most likely do more harm than good, not that it’ll do much harm, just that recovery from your stack won’t really be that hard.


Ok thank you , i’ll skip the hcg and will follow the lose dose clomid pct. Maybe if I see my balls shrinking too much I’ll take 1500 iu but that’s all.