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Test Prop Less Than Label?


I bought 5 bottles of 100mg / 10ml test prop from a pretty decent german underground lab brand in thailand. I think they have an actual production lab in thailand. Just finish the first bottle and it only contains 8.5ml. The other 4 bottles also look like they contain 8.5 or less. Is this a common occurrence with underground labs? Maybe i got stiffed by the pharmacist.


I had the same experience here in the Philippines. I got 2 10ml test C bottles, but both contained only about 8.5ml-9ml of oil. I think my source gets his stuff from thailand.


How are you guys measuring the liquid?

If you are just going by how many injections you get out of it you wont get an accurate reading.

Depending on the barrel and needle size you use, you will lose a small amount of oil in each injection. 3ml barrels have dead space at the end. Possible to lose around a 10th of a milliliter per injection.

Also when you have a 3ml barrel and a 23g needle, for example, and you draw to the 1ml line, you are actually drawing about 1.1 or 1.2 ml of oil. 3ml barrels are not accurate.

Just another reason to use insulin syringes.


Im impressed bones. I suppose they deserve the benefit of doubt. Im new at using needles etc. However I lined up my 4 remaining bottles of prop and they clearly have different amounts. Btw how do u do intramuscle jabs with slin? The gauge is 30 too small for prop and also too short.


Not too short. .5" is enough for delts and ventro glute if youre lean.

I dont know what 'too small for prop' means

There are a lot of threads about IM injections with insulin needles. Find them


What i mean is that the prop oil may not be able to go through 30 gauge pin. There is also some space between the 0ml mark and the tip of the syringe. I could actually squeeze 8 tiny drops out of my 25 gauge pin after injecting this morning. I will put some air in at the top next time.
Ive read a few threads on injecting prop with slin pins. I still dont get how its done because you cant change the needle on a slin pin. I do subq jabs with slin everyday (hgh) and its more painful than my IM jabs because the slin needle is blunted once stabbed into the bottle. I tried shooting hgh with a 3cc syringe using 2 30g needles, one to draw one to jab and it was painless but the dosing was super inaccurate.


I think your pain tolerance is rather low.

For peptides I use an insulin needle about 10 times, after sticking it trhough the rubber top. I dont recommend reusing needles for IM injections though.

If you dont want to use it, dont. But it can easily be done.

I recommend backfilling the insulin needle with oil based aas. Drawing with a 30g takes pretty long. Backfilling is very quick.


Why buy UG gear in Thailand? If you're concerned insist on buying gear which comes only in glass vials like Sustnon by Organon for example.

Are you in Bangkok by any chance? I know there is a good pharmacy on 'Soi 5' I bought a shedload of gear there and it was all genuine.

Good luck


Unless you're, you know, injecting more than 1ml. :wink:


I just tried using a 27g needle with a 1ml syringe. Only took forever to push it in.


Insulin needles work fine and it doesn't take any longer than using a bigger gauge needle w/3ml syringe. I use a 29g 5/8th" when applicable. I would do all my injections that way if they were 1ml or less.


I prefer to do two separate 1ML injections with insulin pins than inject 2ML with regular needles, unless I use my glute, which I rarely do nowadays...