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Test Prop Help


I just started my first cycle on Fri. I inj 1ml 100mg prop/50 Tren. I pinned the outer upper quad. The next day I felt like I got kicked by a fucking horse! My leg was sore all day Sat. and Sun. I went ahead with my 2nd inj same site/dose opposite leg Sun night. Same thing, now BOTH legs hurt like hell!

The pain I can deal with, Ibuprofen has been helping out a good bit. What has me concerned is I noticed today that both legs are red and hot about 4-5" south of the inj site. Well more pinkish then red, like gettin slapped on the leg would do. Is this a normal reaction to the prop or am I having an allergic reaction or even worse an infection. The infection part I am not too concerned with, I know it is a possibility but not a probability.

I was careful with sterilization (as everone was in excess on thier first cycle) I warmed up the bottle in a shollow dish of warm water and not submerged. I cleaned the top with an alcohol patch as well as the inj site. Never touched the pin, and rubbed the site gently for about 5-10 min after inj. I aspirated before inj and inj slowly.

I am due for another inj tonight which I am gonna skip until I get some feedback. If I am acting like a lil bitch tell me to suck it up and deal with it. If this is a viable concern, please help with any info/expierence.


you probably shouldn't do test prop on your first cycle. prop is a painful shot. i'm guessing that you didn't do much research because all the info on prop warns about the pain of the shot and swelling that accompanies it. i'm on test prop right now but i cut it with an equal amount of grapeseed oil and it still hurts (aches more than hurts). test enth would probably be a better choice.


try pinning it in ur glutes. that wont be as painful. but then again some prop is very painful. u could also try doing half the dose in each leg. i personally warm up my gear in a heating pad. inject slowww, rub area for 5-10 min. Good luck


The same thing happened to me the first time I used Test Prop. If its your first cycle and you have access to other gear, I would also suggest changing your cycle to another form of test. If not (which is more likely) give it a few more days and see how you feel. I was walking around like a duck for a bit the first time I shot Prop. Hope this helps


Quads are hit and miss with respect to pain. They are my least favorite sites because of this.

Another thing to consider is that test prop is very similar to bee venom, and often the injection will feel like a bee sting. If you have adverse reactions to bee stings - it might be that you are experiencing the same type of reaction to the prop.

How much volume are you injecting into a given site?

What size needles are you using?

Does the soreness occur in other sites, or just the quads?


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In my experience, the pain lessens as the cycle progresses.

I haven't found prop to be that painful, though sus on the other hand, has been a bitch!


I am using 25g/1" pins and inj 1ml. I have only done 2 inj one in one side and one in the other. Is the 1" pin long enough for a glute stick? I had intended on doing quad sticks the whole cycle but now knowing what I know, I may want to alternate. I know 1-1/4" are preferred but will 1" work?

Like I said the pain sucks, Ibuprofen helps out a lot, so I can deal with that. I was more concerned with the fact the it was red and hot to the touch. Which seems to have almost gone away in the first quad inj. Its still there but considerably less today. So I am feeling a little better now about continuing.

Thanks everyone for the advice and thanks for no one taking advantage of the free offer to call me a lil bitch! LOL


I found this thread by searching for "pain" and "prop" oddly enough there were a whole LOT of articles that popped up. LOL.

I just started my 1st cycle and using Prop/Deca/Cyp. I mixed the Deca/Cyp and did not have any issues but wherever I injected the Prop it left a swollen muscle the size of a golfball. It looked pretty cool on my quad except I made the mistake of injecting one in my quad and the other in my arse so now I look somewhat deformed. I'm wondering now why anyone wants to use Synthol and just use Prop instead. LOL.

I'm also using Stealth so I thought maybe that could be part of the problem until I read this thread. Glad to see there are others with prop issues and the swelling and pain wasn't from bad gear.

Has anyone mixed the prop/cyp or prop/deca to cut down on the swelling and pain? I'll try it in 2 days with the results.


Why use prop with a long acting roid like Deca?! Just up the dosage of the Cyp. and save the prop for later.


depends on how lean you are. i used 25g 1 inch for glutes and 25g 5/8 inch for quad injections. i only got pain from prop if i shot more than 1mL in a shot, so i split it up if there was more than 1mL, i mean a pin is 20 cents. some prop just hurts because the fall downs who made it suck as chemists or skimped on the BB. ce la vie. now that's the real bitch.


The quality definitely makes a difference in regard to pain. I used to dread pinning some of the UG shit I used at first because it hurt so bad. Now that I'm on hrt and have a prescription for the good domestic sauce it's not nearly as bad. The injection site will still be a little sore for a couple of days, especially the quads, but it's easily tolerated.


I'm using the prop just for the jumpstart the first 2 weeks. So basically I'm using 300mg Deca/wk and 400mg Cyp and the first 2 weeks I'll be using .75 of Prop EOD. Does that make sense?


Why use prop with a long acting roid like Deca?! Just up the dosage of the Cyp. and save the prop for later.

I'm using it just the first 2 weeks.

300mg Deca thoughout cycle
400mg Cyp throughout cycle
.75mg Prop EOD first 2 weeks and last week just before PCT.

So you're thinking maybe I need to up the Cyp more than 400mg and ditch the Prop all together?



using the prop for a jumpstart is totally fine, keep it in there for the first 3 or 4 weeks.....you could also use it at the end of your cycle while your long esters are clearing out.

cut the deca out 2 weeks before the cyp as well. the dosages of 400 and 300 will be adequate.

with 400 mg test, you could probably get away with no a-dex...but i'd still put it in there at a low dose of say 0.25-0.5 mg EOD...just a personal preference.


Any idea if you could cut it with Bacteriostatic water?

I know the Prop is oil based and unsure if this would have the same effect. I already have the water but not the oil.

This would save me waiting on it to get here before I'm due for another lump in my arse.

I checked the sites above but it seems most of the oils they carry are flavored oils along with an assortment of other oils that did not seem to be sterile or injectable. What exactly is the sterile oil called that will mix properly with that? Or is it just "sterile oil". :slight_smile:

THanks for the help!


put your syringe under a hot water bottle for a couple of minutes before poking yourself, afterwards put the hot water bottle on the shot spot for 10 minutes, it will help a lot.


Perhaps it could be a reaction to the oil itself? I had a bottle of Sustanon made with sesame oil that felt like a mule kicked me and gave me a huge blotchy rash all the way down to the middle of my quad. I was extremely paranoid that I had an infection after the first shot but it went away after about 3 days. The next week I tried it on the other side, same thing happened so I quit using it. I gave it to my friend and he had no issues with it at all. I've stayed away from sesame oil ever since and have had no other problems. Just a thought.


I haven't tried applying the heat yet but will on Friday. Good advice. As for the sesame oil I heard it was great on a salad but seems kind of odd to use as a cutting oil though :slight_smile: It could very well be an alergic reaction as I have no issues with Cyp or Deca. Just the prop. I noticed the soreness now has gone from the usual 10 days of hell down to about 3-4 days of soreness so maybe my body is adjusting to the mule kicks. If the heat helps I'll let everyone know!



The heating of the prop and the injection site before and after was the best advice I got for dealing with the ache. Really did the trick.