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Test Prop Half Life TRUE

I’m italian, i write with google traslate
the half-life of the test prop is 2 days so this means that every 2 days the dose is divided into the body. example:
1 day 100mg injection
3 day. 50
5 day 25

if I want to do a cycle with 100 mg eod (blood values) it means that:
1 day 100 mg (injection
3 day 50mg (old injection) + 50mg (new injection)
5 days (25 mg first injection) + 25mg (second injection) + 50mg (new injection)

so the blood values are constant, right?
if I do 100 mg eod as many sugerire on the forum the values are different and during a cycle they increase constantly due to the half-life

Steroidcalc.com Use it to plot out a cycle and the half-life of each injection. But yes, eod is the right administration schedule for test prop.

Nope. This is a common misconception. Test. Prop. must be done daily. I have tested myself and if you do EOD, you will be tanking your Test levels. By the 48 hour mark the ester has already been fully cleaved and the testosterone rapidly is cleared by the body.