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Test Prop - Gains After Only One Week


Hey Guys - Call me crazy, but I swear I can feel the bump from my test prop after only one week. (five injections) My workouts these past three days have been balls to the wall - fullout hardcore. And it's like I can just keep going and going and going. Easily hit my max on everything, and my trainer was like, "Yo, Dude, you are rockin' it." Pure energy at the gym, but once I get home I can barely keep my eyes open - sleeping like a rock.

Seriously, this is freaking me out. Is it possible to feel the positive results so early? Plus, I get a woody if my daily subway commute gets too bouncy. I react to anything in my body very, very quickly - but this is insane. Plus, I've gained four pounds - FOUR. This is great news, I just want to pace it out a bit. Cycle is 150mg test prop EOD. Moderate cardio, very clean diet.

No injection pain as of yet, just deep muscle soreness that develops about 4-5 hours after the injection and usually lasts til nighttime. Nothing major, though.

Trying not to get too excited. Just want to keep the pace, not overtrain, and enjoy.


Well one reason why you feel the crash later is because of your training I presume. You train harder and tire yourself out more.

The greater intensity could also be due to the boost in focus. Test does that because training is usually a diversion of blood from the other organs and more towards the muscles than the testes, so by administering test, your levels stay high(er) and you train harder. The increased aggression could play a role, however aggression isn't usually noticed until the test levels are significantly higher than baseline.

The fact is that everyone responds differently to the test esters. If you are in desperate need to know what's what, try running a blood test at the doc to see what your levels are. Of course, being more sensitive to stimuli ought to be normal. Gains are also dependent on how much you have already gained on your own.


You're using steroids and you've got a "trainer."



not too strange...prop works pretty fast (you should feel it kick in after about 3 days)...you should know that if you are injecting it though...



It's the best thing I ever did with my workouts hands-down. Five days a week of intense, hardcore training with more weights than I ever could handle on my own. Once I feel comfortable with that, I'll move back on my own - probably this summer. But it's definitely improved my strength in an amazing way.


i guess not everyone has the benifit of having a lifting partner that is as focused on training as they are.


I don't think there is anything wrong with a trainer. Specially one that is on board with your goals. Even some pro bodybuilders use trainers from time to time. Just to have someone double check things.

Keep up the hard work LR.


I myself got carried away with the strength aspect of steroid's while taking test susp.

And wound up with tendonitis in the left elbow,know your limit's aas doesn't strengthen the joint's.

So don't over do it.

Glad you are making great progress though keep up the hard work.


Im sure you allready know this im not trying to insult your intelligence.

But this elbow has been a mf'er to rehab and get back into the throw of thing's.

Hell i recently had a good friend slip three disc's in his back squatting to heavy!

Anyway im glad it's going good for you,i didn't want to rain on your parade brother.

Keep up the good work.



Thanks, Judge. No offense taken at all. One of my major concerns right now is: how much is TOO much. I feel amazing - but I don't mind slow and steady bc I want to keep as many gains as possible. And I definitely don't want to blow out a joint or cause tendon pain.

So far, so good. I'll check in again at week two and update. Hard work + good diet + sleep (and a little cardio)= gains. Oh, and water. I always forget about the water...LittleRunt


Yeah, it's definitely been beneficial to have someone improve my focus/intensity. Learning a lot.

To your previous point, yes, I knew it was fast-acting. I just didn't REALLY realize how fast the prop would take affect. Amazing, really. I'll check in after a few more days with an update - but it's like I can't wait to get to the gym...LittleRunt PS: I gave in, and before I started my cycle I took a "before" shot. I'm glad I did, bc now at the end I can compare the two and see if this is just all in my head!


Its good to see that someone has their eyes open in regards to using a trainer... it aint just for people who are just starting out, a trainer can be fantastic to push you further than is possible yourself.. even very experienced athletes.
you would spend $200 on a cycle to increase gains, so why not splash out the same on a trainer for a macrocycle?

If interested call "Joe" on +447761 89* ***

Thankyou for listening.



Fair enough I guess, but a good partner can do the same thing. The general opinion of trainers around here is pretty low, but if you found one who knows what he's doing and really pushes you, more power to ya and good luck with your cycle.


Im not going to bash personal trainer's but i would say most are not hard-core bber's themselves.

Nor do most know how to train on or off aas.

Damn i guess i bashed anyway,sorry joe definatley not meaning you.



Im not going to bash personal trainer's but i would say most are not hard-core bber's themselves.

Nor do most know how to train on or off aas.

Damn i guess i bashed anyway,sorry joe definatley not meaning you.



I'm with you ghost, see you're from LA. I just moved from there and yeah, the opinions of trainers in that area is low. Runt, hope you have a good trainer and keep up the hard work. I remem when all i needed for a good cycle was test


Hate to hyj. I'm from LA also


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