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Test Prop Frequency

I’m a newbie in the forum but have lurked around the site and came accross a fairly unusual method for test prop injections. When reading Brian Batcheldor’s “S-Files” articles (outdated but they seem very informative) he suggested test prop for athletes at 50 mg every 4th day? Has anyone heard of this type of cycle or know what type of results one could expect from this type of cycle?

The only way I can think that this could potentially be anywhere near useful is for some sort of pre training boost. However in that case suspension would be a much better choice.

I dont know a single one of us in this forum that would suggest such a method. Prop injections should be done everyday or EOD at the very least and with more than 50mg.

Personally, the first four or five cycles in which I used prop, I only did 100mg every three days. I always got great results and little to no sides. In fact my last cycle was a simple 8 weeker of 100mg of prop e3d and 50mg winny eod. I still managed to put on ten solid pounds. Like I said, it worked great… But 200mg eod works a lot better.


why fuck around - try 50 mg ed

I would normally only suggest using prop ED. But admittedly I have used the eod approach with good results. Never have I heard of every fourth day. I would strongly advise against that.

As a rule of thumb you multiple the number of carbon atoms in the ester by a factor of .7 to determine the functional half life. Prop has 3 carbons and thus 2.1days would be your functional half life. So EOD is a decent frequency. Having said that you can always pin more often than required per se. You could do Deca or Cyp ED if you choose.

ewww prop every fourth day sounds like an invitation to be an emotional rollercoaster similar to the heights of Millennium Force! Listen to the guys above and EOD at min. MB even E3D sounds rough to me…

[quote]sapasion wrote:
Having said that you can always pin more often than required per se. You could do Deca or Cyp ED if you choose.[/quote]

Saps, just a question about that…

You know if you pinned Deca or any longer lasting ester daily, say 100mg a day or 700mg once a week…

Would the daily shot result in less of a peak level? It doesnt seem like it would common sense wise and from what i have learned so far… but then again, in theory i think it sounds like it should… it wouldnt give a lower peak, just less of a fluctuating wavelength, thus reducing sides and GIVING THE MOST STABLE LEVELS! I just solved the question myself! Its amazing how writing something down works like that! lol! Thanks!


There you go. Yes, it would not give a lower peak, at least not after you got going, aside from maybe the surge of get one the day of your one weekly shot.