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Test Prop for Beginner

I have been training for about 8 yrs now, use to be skinny though. I changed a lot bt I’m not satisfy with my body. I plan on using test prop 350 weekly, break down to 50 ED. For 8 to 10 weeks then the pct for 3 wks after. Will it be very effective?

Prop for 10 weeks will be effective. But you’re going to get sick of pinning ed, especially if this is your first cycle. It’s less of a pain in the ass (literally and figuratively) to use a longer ester and pin twice a week instead. But you’ll get results form 350mg of test a week, irrespective of the ester. I’d say run the pct out to four weeks instead of three. But otherwise that’s a good test dose and you should see great results if your training and diet are up to speed.

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If I am to pin twice, should I do Monday 200mg and Thursday 150mg? Just bit worried cus this is my first cycle and I feel it way to much for my body

Just split the dose as evenly as possible.

350/2= 175
175/200= .875
So you need 87.5% of 1ml (assuming concentration is @ 200mg/ml) to get to a dose of 175mg. Functionally you can just draw to the ninth hash on the barrel one day and to the eighth hash on the other day. It’s close enough. You’ll be a tad bit short of 350, but it will not make any difference whatsoever.

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I really dont fear needle, I will do the 50mg ed. And include multi vitamins and whey protein. Then do the pct for 4wks like u advice. Bt the pct how should I administer that?

I don’t ‘fear needle’ either, but the more often you pin, the more scar tissue you’ll likely end up with. Test prop is also known for being a more painful injection than other esters. And in my opinon, the results you get will not be any better than if you were to choose test cypionate or enanthate and just pin once per week.

I personally hate pinning more than once a week, it’s such a hassle. Even when I was pinning 9 mL per day, I was doing it all at once, lol.


i have to do twice a week then. Hope it not too much for a beginner I mean injecting 175mg a day? Bt I will do it. And the pct how much mg should I take a week?

Nolva 40/40/20/20 is the consensus standard pct.

What is going on here? Either pin ed or twice a week?! Just do every other day. That is my and everyone I knows preferred way. Twice a week and your blood levels will be all over the place. If you dont believe me Google it. There are several charts out there showing what happens with different injection frequency

^lol, some people feel very strongly about some unimportant things…

Even pinning eod gets old pretty fucking fast, and if you’re one of the people who reacts badly to prop then it gets kind f annoying having half your muscles all inflamed and hurting the whole time.

Good old long esters twice a week is fine. If you’re set on using prop (which is a weird thing but whatever) you can get away with Monday, Wednesday, Friday pinning even though - gasp! - your levels will not be that even. Won’t matter a fucking bit.

The small dose of test you’re planning using (which I love, by the way) you could even use slin pins for and that really makes pinning less sucky.

I just plain hate pinning.


should i run clomid along with the test prop or after the cycle. (clomid is what i could get) 50mg per tab