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Test prop Eq Mast cycle


Just trying to get sound advice on this cycle.. Its my 3 rd cylce but never used 3 at once. Familiar with Tren A..one hell of a drug btw..and Test/deca.. But looking to get better results this go round.


215 lbs
Training off/on for past 2 years.
14% BF

14 week cycle is choice and im thinking of these dosages

Test Prop 100mg EOD
Eq 200mg EOD
Masteron 100mg EOD
- Wanting to run steady with no breaks btwn different weeks? Is that okay?

Running .5ml ED Liquidex to help with any bloat.

Diet is clean and calorie rich

up near 4500 cals/day

Trainig 4 days/wk with a little cardio but not much

End result is that im looking to add 15# with little water retention and have that lean but stocky look..
Any feedback is gratly appreciated!!! :slightly_smiling:

I have access to Test E, Test Prop,Test Cyp, Sust 250,Sust 350, Deca, Eq, Tren A, Mast, and Primbolan..

My choice like i said is the Test Prop EQ Masteron for full 14weeks


Could anyone gimmie some advice on how this looks?

Id appreciate it greatly!


k hold on lemme read it


Mk well im not personally a huge fan of cycles longer than 8 weeks (for recovering purposes).

However, if you are bent on doing a 14 week cycle then that's your call.

I've never used EQ, but If I were to, I would structure a Test Prop, EQ, Masteron (prop I assume) cycle like this for 14 weeks.

Masteron is a rather expensive drug, and many say that its effects won't really be noticeable unless you are really lean...but anyway

Weeks 1-14
test prop 70mg ED
Masteron prop 70mg ED

weeks 1-12
EQ (assuming EQ undecylate) 400mg 2x a week (consider frontloading)

adex .25mg-.5mg EOD

3 days after last shot of test and masteron pct nolva 40/40/20/20/20/20


Ok so, you prefer lowering the dose to 70mg and pining ED vs 100mg EOD? Thats alot of shhoting lol. How come? The esters?

You like doing the EQ like E Mon/Thur @ 400mg?

Can i stick with the liquidex @ .5ml ED or is that not necc?

I can get Mast thru my guy for $ 70.00/10ml bottle


70mg ED > 100mg Eod

monday/thursday should be fine

I believe that prop is best pinned ED to maintain stable blood levels.

.5ml (depending on the mg to ml dosage) may be too much as masteron doesn't aromatize, and EQ barely aromatizes IIRC.

70 dollars for a 10ml vial is average, it's just a really expensive drug..id rather buy tren


Got it!

Thanks again bro.


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Just curious, why do you think this cycle would give you better results than Tren A?

Also why are you choosing to use the prop ester for such a long cycle? I would inject Test E/C and EQ twice a week then bridge into PCT with test prop and mast prop. Maybe look into hCG since your cycle is quite long.
And like Walkway said, I would definetly frontload the EQ.


Got there just before me! Welsh must have faster internet than the Brits!


Im just looking to do a longer cycle than 8 weeks. They say w Tren A, that 8 weeks is the most you wanna do?

Im looking to add 15# of lean muscle with little to no water retention.I listed the gear i can get my hands on..what stack/cycle would you recommend for me then? Remebering, id like to do 14weeks...

Thanks for the help!


long esters would be preferable if you don't want to pin very often.