Test Prop Effects


I have a question that seemed not to have a clear answer around
What kind of effects/feelings upon which you can judge if the test prop I’m taking is legitimate or just a garbage

I started a test prop cycle
what do you feel the first week
what do you feel to judge that the test prop is working and making a real effect
I have the expiry date 22/10/2014 we are now 4/11 it means the product “Testolic” expired 12 days ago does that have to be considered?!!

if you’re that worried just get a blood test and be done with it. Either that or pay attention to things that should be happening such as an initial weight increase from water retention, better pumps, strength increases, overall wellbeing, increased libido etc. These side effects are not all guaranteed for everyone they are just common. Prop is also notorious for soreness after injection, however, painless prop doesn’t mean it’s bad either.

I’ve never delt with expired testosterone, never had it around long enough to see, but i would think if it’s only a couple days you’re fine.

give it 2 weeks, then you’ll know for sure