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Test Prop ED vs EOD Pins

Got a question… Had to take a 2 week break from my cycle and training due to a bout with bronchitus… Was running 100mg T prop eod but since I got a shit ton of prop was thinking this…

200 test prop eod for 8-10weeks


100 test prop ed

whats the diff? IMO test prop burns like a bitch so I prefer the least amount of pins… I only pin prop glutes & rear delts rotating evenly, no way on quads…

taking this with 100mg Var daily, 2-3iu hgh daily.
.25 anastrozole daily, HCG 2x per week
No PCT just blasting back on cruise dose after cycle

Hi man…

The main diff is, with 200mg EOD you will reach about 140mg of concentration (pin days) but every second day (the day you don’t pin) you’ll have around 50mg in blood stream… with ED pins (100mg each) you’ll be stable at 100mg during the cycle. To talk whats better, hummm… really don’t know, there are bro science for this two options. Make your choice.

Thanks yea thats a tough one… I like the stability of ed but GD thats allot of painful pins… I think I may just go the eod route as I think in long run it wont make much diff on gains

I don’t reckon the results would be any different between the two, personally.

Come April I’m going to try my first go at pinning every day. Not really looking forward to it.

I dont mind pinning ed if its stuff you can pin with slins… but test props not a fun pin and the pins you need for glutes are pricey… Im a cheap mofo I like slins for everything if possible…Plus it dont hurt…
I agree tho orderd a box of 3cc so I can bang out this test P

can’t you pin prop with slins? Ah fuck! I’ve bought a load of prop and a load of slins! Haha

Yes but I only pin prop in my rear delts… hell no on quads…Leg days will suck…Walkin around like you just got outa county jail…haha… I guess you could pin it in other lean areas but you know prop burns so I prefer a large muscle

I feel you dude, if I pin any amount of anything in my quads, doesn’t matter what size of pin I use, I’m walking like I got on the right side of Ron Jeremy for a week

25g 1.5in upper right on your right, upper left on your left quad. Hardly any pip and almost zero soreness.

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Fyi u can just use 29g slins in rear delt super ez save the expensive pins for butt darts or big loads…ie over 1cc