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Test Prop Dosage


Hey guys I just have a quick question for you. I wanted to do test enth but my supplier can only get prop and cyp the supplier is pushing the prop on me.to the question I've been reading about it know and found that people dose it lower compared to a depot.like 500 to 600mg a week for enthate would be like 350 to 400 for prop is this correct or should I just dose it like a depot? Thanks for any and all help guys.


it is a depot. But dose it the same.

If you wanted enanth then chose the cyp as it is virtually identical.


What Brook said.

If you do happen to choose the prop (my personal choice and recommendation), then you will have to adjust your injection frequency. This is going to be more important than dosage. I only shoot the propionate ester ED. You could possibly get away with EOD, but you'll likely have better results and less sides from ED injections. If you go with cyp (or find enth), then E3D is a good dosage schedule.

What had you been planning on doing? Don't tell me...I'll bet I can already guess...that's why I offered the advice I did.

Good luck.


Ok cool thanks for the help I was hoping to get away with eod I never shot before so I don't know how I will handle it ed. Thanks brook I didn't know it was a depot all the places I was reading they were making it out to be something else. I also been reading that cyp can burn more than other compounds is their any truth to that? This is one reason I'm leaning towards the prop thanks again.


Burn? If you are talking about post injection pain, then prop has a far worse (though not necessarily deserved) reputation for that than does cyp. If that's not what you're talking about, then I don't know what in the hell you are talking about.

Good to hear that your proposed dosing schedule was a little more frequent than I had suspected, anyway.


Ok yea that's exactly what I was talking about. Ill just man the fuck up and take the prop then so eod will be fine? Sorry for asking these newbi questions I just did all my research on enthate.


Sorry - tell me again why you aren't going to use the Cypionate?

It is basically the exact same product as your first choice (T'rone Enanthate), you can inject just 2x a week, it will probably hurt less.. AND it should be cheaper too.


If you did all of your research on enanthate you can apply it to cypionate with no problems whatsoever.

Injection pain is a result of couple or maybe a few factors. The first is the quality of the product. If you get pharmaceutical grade cyp there won't be any pain. The same should be true for prop but there seems to be a higher percentage of people that have a negative reaction to the ester itself and not just the BA content.

You may also experience pain when injecting into a virgin muscle. I would recommend no more than 1ml into a virgin muscle until you get used to it. I don't see a reason to put more than 1ml per site at any point but some people don't mind shooting a little more in certain sites.

So when it comes to running prop for a first cycle there is, IMO, a much greater chance for painful injections. If you are one that gets pain from the prop ester you wont enjoy ED or EOD injections. If your prop happens to be UGL made with unnecessarily high amounts of BA you will experience even more pain.

If you have the choice between cyp and prop, I'd choose cyp for a first cycle.


Awww come on now I'm undecided I was pretty set on prop.(sarcasm) I'm just kidding yea I'm going to read some more before I decide I really appreciate your guys help. My two friends took the prop from this guy so ill see what they say about the pain they rave how good the stuff is but I never asked about injection pain.again you guys are a great help.


TBH I would just get what is cheaper. Which should be the cyp.


Prop powder is the CHEAPEST of the hormone powders, and prices should reflect this, but sadly they don't. For a little more $$ (not much if you know where to go) you can use prop. If it's good shit, it won't hurt. I use UGL prop with a 50/50 blend of grape seed oil, and ethyl oleate. Thin as water practically, and painless!

Currently running it at around 600mg weekly, shooting Mon/Wed/Fri, and strength comes faster, so does body recomp (usually in the first week, you see changes). Ya don't have to wait a month or so like you sometimes would with other hormones. Less water gain too. It's my test of choice. Just my opinions though. I know I don't have a pro card, so I can't be much more help than that.


To the OP, you CAN get away with EOD shots with prop, but if this is your first cycle you may want to use the cyp you have access to and shoot it every 3rd day. My first cycle was a monster with test blend, tren acetate shot EOD and suffice it to say simple is some times better your first time out.


Depending on what else I am shooting I generally run either prop or E.

Prop does seem to have less water retention than the others, Ive heard this from so many people it cant simply be in our heads.

I think it may be due to more stable levels, as you shoot everyday, there is only small peaks and valleys.

And it really does need to be shot everyday, every other day is pushing it marine.


I believe the lower water retention is SIMPLY down to the timing (and in all honestly this is all that is different between esters).

Inject prop at 500mg once a week and the water retention (ie. aromatase activity) will be as it is with 1-2x/wk injections of a longer ester.

If you inject the longer esters at a lower daily dose, as is done with prop, then this will also produce less water retention.



I think I'm going to go with the cyp and shoot everyother day.he wants 125 for 1 10ml vial at 100mg/ml that's too expensive for my blood.I wanted to do 600mg a week with a front load of a 1000mg.They are guranteing (spelling?) Its pharmaceutical that's why its so expensive. I just have another question regarding frontloading I've been reading all different lengths of time to do it.I've read any where from one day to two weeks what would be the best?thanks guys you have been a huge help.


$125 for a bottle of prop. That's cute...

That's almost as bad as the prices in australia

And about the frontload. Might as well do it the first day. Get it over with. I don't make an exact science about it but some here do. The formula they use is floating around somewhere.


Yea I tried the formula I was coming up with some weird numbers so I figured 400mgs over what I'm doing should be sufficient I've read double the dosage. But we will keep it simple.


Front loading isn't "required" with prop.
But is helpful, I frontload it, I think many do.
125 is quite pricey, but if it is pharmaceutical grade stuff...who knows.

It sounds like they are trying to take you for profit there buddy.

Just a heads up if your shooting a 1g frontload of prop and its 100mg/ml then your going to have to use several injection sites to get that done, at least 3, preferably 4.

You dont usually want to put more than 3ml's in anything, even the ass and quads. And 3ml's of prop in both quads is going to sting for a while even then.


In the UK genuine pharm grade prop goes for somewhere between £2-3 an amp.

This is equivalent to around $30-$50 USD.

You are being ripped off - i know because i know of sites that sell pharm prop to US citizens.

Also it may be worth knowing that (AFAIK) if the Testosterone propionate is HG then it will not be a 10ml multiuse vial but individual glass amps.


Yea I figured as much being ripped off I've seen it for $60-$70 on some online sites but I'm scared to order it off of them.I was talking to my one friend and he was saying all I need is one 10ml bottle for 4 weeks.I'm like no I'm going to need like 3 he's like that's way to much ithen I realized they don't know shit.it sux trying to find a good supplier I have another guy but I don't know him that good to be asking him about this stuff.I'm going to see how much the cyponite is then go from there.thanks again.