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Test Prop + Dbol 6wk Cycle


after some suggestion from a previous thread:

weeks 1-6 75mg/day test prop (525 mg/wk)
weeks 1-4 37.5 mg dbol/day (25mg tabs split in half every 8 hours)
weeks 1-6 adex 0.25 mg EOD (stop half way into week 1 of pct)
pct day after last pin
nolva 40/20/20/20
clomid 100/50/50

my last batch of gear was legit and good stuff but injection pain was a huge issue. im assuming it was high in BA. i hear prop isnt too friendly on the pain side but oh well. im going to attempt to pin ED, if it becomes and issue ill move to EOD. want to cap off a bulk nice and strong.

prop is 100/mg/ml and ill be getting 4 bottles. so i will have an extra 850mg to front load. any suggestions?

would 7/8" 25-28g pins allow me to be accurate enough to pin 3/4 of a cc ED?

ill be using glutes, sides of thighs, and delts to pin


EOD injections are fine with Test Prop imho. Unless you like sticking needles in your body...

4 sites = left glute, left quad, right quad, right glute with EOD means you will have plenty of time between injecting the same area, thus avoiding scar tissue etc.

The pain with prop is personal. I haven't had any pain (except the first few quad injections, but that's normal).


i really dont know what the deal was with my last batch of gear. did 2 cycles with the same source and literally every injection would hurt for a good week afterwards. really sore, really red. the gear was obviously working though


I did nearly the exact same cycle, but pinned ED.

Filter the prop and cut it with filtered GSO. By pinning ED or EOD, the additional volume won't be a problem and you'll greatly cut down on the pain involved.


never done anything like that? any links you know off hand on cutting/filtering/etc?


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Well, Google "filtered grape seed oil" and purchase a small quantity.

Google, "millipore sterile PVDF 33 millimeter filter" and purchase a few.

Purchase syringes equal to the amount you want to filter ie: purchase 10 ml syringes if you want to filter 10 ml of test.

Purchase sterile vials equal to approx 1.5x the amount of test you want to filter ie: 15 ml vials if you have 10 ml of test.

Purchase 18 ga needles.

Take delivery of everything, draw up 10 ml of test into 10 ml syringe using 18 ga needle. Needle off, filter on, needle on. Filter into 15 ml sterile vial. Discard filter and needle.

Draw 5 ml of filtered GSO into syringe same as above. Needle off, filter on, needle on. Filter into the 15 ml vial that holds the test.

You now have test that has been filtered and cut. The potency has been reduced to 67mgs/ml (assuming typical prop dosage of 100mg/ml.

Easy peasy.


thanks a bunch, saving this


same protocol as typical subq injections even with that volume of oil? pinch and inject>