Test Prop Cycle

**Hey all, **
Before I start off this post, just want to extend my thanks to all those who answered all my questions here prior to starting my cycle.

I am 11 days into my Test Prop cycle @ 100mg EOD. My weight started to go up slightly over the last couple of days, muscles are slightly fuller and strength/endurance is also slightly higher although nothing too crazy yet.
My cycle comes out about ~350mg per week which is on the lower side but I do have Arimidex on hand just in case of E2 related problems.
No major side effects yet and hopefully it stays this way throughout - I have a few small spots on my shoulders, one on my chest and one on my scalp. But as of now, everything is going good!

As for my question:
When do you guys start to see size gains on Test Prop? I am slightly fuller now but have not seen much size gains yet.
On the other hand, I do know that AAS are not elixir of growth nor will it turn you into Superman and a good training regime, dialled in diet, plenty of rest is key to growing. I would just like to know when do you guys go “Wow, I am putting on noticeable size.” on Test Prop.

I am planing to increase the dose to 150mg EOD. Which comes out about ~525mg per week but was thinking how different would the sides be?
I am experience little to no sides on 100mg EOD so just want to be sure as I read that many said that running at 150mg EOD is more gains but same sides. What do you think?

Also, should I post my cycle log on here?

Thanks in advance.

Test prop is a little stronger mg per mg versus Test C or E. Your 350mg/wk is pretty close to a standard cycle of Test C at 500mg/wk. I would think you are fine as is without increasing. Its prob a decent a first cycle.

Give yourself a full 2-3 weeks to start seeing results. Seems like you already have seen a bit which is timing out right.

Thank you for your input.
This is however, not my first cycle. I have been on a couple of AAS cycles 4 years ago prior to a lay-off - but I am starting on smaller doses as I was abusing AAS back when I cycled on heavy doses and compounds which led to several side effects, mainly acne which I had to seek a dermatologist and have laser treatments done.

I am on the lower doses right now as I want longevity in this sport and also to stay healthy internally as much as possible and ‘d like to do it right this time around.

I am thinking of going up to 125mg EOD or should I stay on 100mg EOD since my receptors should be quite responsive due to the 4 year lay off?

Its a personal choice at this point. Bumping up an extra 25mg EOD isn’t going to change much in the way of side effects so … your call?