Test Prop Cycle

Hey, I am currently 1 week into my test prop cycle at 150mg EOD for 8 weeks, this is my first cycle. I’m basically just trying to stack on as much Lean muscle mass + lose some BF
( currently sitting on 14% atm) I want to stay lean for summer but do you think its a waste not eating above maintenance? some people are saying its a waste of a cycle…

ALSO i’m only injecting into my hips and glutes, is 4 injection spots enough for EOD?

I’m 21

ps. i’m new here so don’t rip into me too much

Doesnt sound like a waste of a cycle at all to me bro. This is exactly what I am planning to do with my first cycle. I want to run hcg and finasteride and armidex with test prop for 8 weeks. I think a short prop cycle is best because you can see how you respond to test, but the moment your hair starts shedding or you start getting gyno you can stop and have it all out of your system in two days. Thats just me, im paranoid about sides. Good luck though. Keep us posted.

4 injection sites sounds good. If it gets painful hit the quad or delt.