Test Prop Cycle, Not Feeling Anything

Hi guys I’m 5’9" 197-8 lbs around 11-12%bf. I’m on my 13th day of test prop 100mgs/day and not experiencing anything. My a-dex is at 0.5mgs e3days. My source is very reliable so there should be nothing wrong with the gear. Haven’t cycled for over a year and haven’t gone over 500mgs/week in my previous cycles.

I’m eating pretty well (750grams of beef/day the lowest, usually 1000-1200grams/day and 1 or 2 protein shakes). The only peculiarity of my diet is that I eat all my carbs post workout but I don’t see an issue with that since I’m getting in around 500 grams. Before my workout I eat only protein and fat. I’m pretty sure that’s not the problem.

My question is do I have too high expectations or is there something I’m doing wrong here. I’ll appreciate all kinds of advice and hope you share some experience on this topic. Merry Christmas :smiley:

the 2nd week is when i start to feel prop… so if by 3 weeks you cant tell anything that shit may be bunk. i’d blow up like a balloon with 700mg of test

Might be bad gear. If you don’t feel it in the next week or two it’s fake or its not test p maybe its E

Are you experiencing any injection site pain. Just a random question. I have only ran Prop once and wont do it again I was only running 50mg a day and could barely walk. I’d imagine if your shooting a full ML a day should have some pretty good pain if its prop. If nit then it could be E or C as said above in which you should start seeing good gains in about a week or you got Fed in the A.

Nah the pain isn’t that bad for now but I’m afraid it might get really annoying at the end of the cycle because of frequent pinning. I’ve been having better pumps immediately after I started but that’s all, no gains only better pumps. I’ll up calories and change my training split. These are most suspicious for me because when I started pinning I changed my split and started to train upper body twice a week. I think this could be the problem since training that way demands more energy. So this week I’ll see if I can handle more carbs and pro after my workouts and if I can’t I’ll start having carbs in breakfast and so on and will limit the twice-a-week-training somehow. My problem with training while on gear is that I feel like I’m wasting precious time training a muscle group only once a week so I guess I’ll first take a shot at upping food intake and see what happens.
Thank you for your opinions folks! As for the gear it’s not fake, today I minced some beef by hand and had a huge pump in my right arm :smiley: so it’s now sure that I’m the one to blame, not the gear.

Do you trust where you got it from or whom ever you got it from?

[quote]pa22215 wrote:
Do you trust where you got it from or whom ever you got it from?[/quote]

Even good sources can make bad batches. You trust your source, but does your source have a source? If its from a UGL and you don’t have an eye on the production of your product you don’t know anything. With the exception of NPP I use human grade exclusively, well worth the peace of mind.

edit: also, if you are using a UGL, they get their powder from china, end of story, and you can’t control for quality on their end.