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Test Prop Cycle Needs Fine Tuning


Height: 5'10
Weight: 195lbs
%13 Bodyfat
Deadlift: 495
Bench: 305
Squat: 355
OH: 200

This will be my 2nd cycle.
Goal: to gain 10-15lbs over 3 month period.
Reason for drug choice: Access is limited

*Prop & Dbol is what I HAVE access to, as far as AI/SERM, full access to anything anyone may suggest as an addition.

Just hoping for the seal of approval from some of the knowledgeable members on this board.
12 week Cycle
W 1-12 Test Prop 100mg EOD
W *-12 Aromasin 20mg E3D *I put star because in last cycle I started at around week 2 when I started to notice lots of water retention (was taking suspension).

W 13-16 Nolvadex 40/40/20/20

Pretty simple cycle compared to what I've been seeing around here, the only other two things I am debating is adding DBOL @ 60mg every training day as recommended by Bonez217 on this board, and running HCG W ?-12 250iu 3x/w. I add question mark because I feel like aromasin, this is more of a personal choice on dosage/timing, but obviously before pct and during cycle at some start period.

Thanks for the help and time guys :slight_smile:


Thats a lot of dbol. You sure you need that much?

Your cycle looks fine otherwise. Im not a fan of 12 week cycles but many people are. I think 350mg/wk for 12weeks is inferior to running 525mg/wk for 8 weeks (this is the same total amount of drugs). I'd frontload the prop.


What would you run dbol at bonez?


DBol at 30mgs pre-wo.

And I agree with B, use 525/wk for 8 wks or until gains stall.


First time? 20 or 30mg pre workout


Thank you all for your comments/opinions. I value your opinions on the subject greatly. I have researched on frontloading, it seems like an intelligent approach to maximizing blood testosterone volume. I am going to take another couple of days reviewing the pro's/con's of a 525/wk-8week cycle vs a 350/wk-12week, then come to a final decision.