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Test Prop Cycle Log


Hey Guys (long time reader first time poster),


This is my third cycle if you can say that. I have done 2 other cycle before but have had to stop 6 wks in due to injury from contact sport. They were both test e 500/wk. In both those 6 wks i put on 6-7 kgs (70-80% water) but still loved it. Strength has stayed with me.

I am currrently on test p 500/wk EOD (cutting). Im 3 shots in and my ass is SO sore. I can bearly walk and sit down. Very crippling. Along with it i have roid flu. I have taken some anti-histmines and painkillers and they reduce the pain and the flu by about 50%.

about a month before the cycle i changed up the diet and got on the clen. lost about 4-5 kgs and cant wait to lose more.

Im just going to tell you guys how its going, wk by wk

Any suggections and comment would be great.


Rotate spots, check, check, delt, delt. Add in quad quad, if its still to much.