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Test Prop Cutting


Running a cut cycle now was orginaly gonna run 100ml of test P EOD along with 80mg Var for 12 weeks…but got hooked up with 2 extra vials of Test P… For the sake of cutting should I just pump the Test P a lil bit or just holster it for later? Not trying to make weight for a fight or anything so if I add xtra lean muscle thats totes mcGoats


I’d run a higher dose for a shorter time, and cut a bit more aggressively.

Cutting for 12 weeks would be balls


by balls you mean the calorie deff would suck or do you mean it would be awsome?
I think I’ll pump to 1.5ml eod which would use it up after 12weeks… My math was wrong on my Var though looks like I can only run 60mg ed over the 12weeks… damn that shits $$$
Or I could crunch it down and run a bigger dose for 8 weeks… Im just a fan of 12week cycles


Haha, sorry, by “balls” I meant bad…

See I prefer shorter cycles these days, and I’ve always preferred shorter, more aggressive cuts. Keeping a calorie deficit for 12 weeks sounds like hell.

It’s whatever suits you though, dude. It wouldn’t be my cup of tea but that’s not to say how you’re doing it is wrong; it’s just not how I would do it


Yogi! Where have you been? Did you have problems logging in?:smile_cat:


Haha, you mean because I was absent for like 4 days? Did you struggle without me?


Glitch in my cycle… Got my Var but test P is taking forever to arrive… I have test cyp though in spades… For the sake of cutting would it be better to save the Var and run 100mg daily for 8 weeks or go with 60-70mg for 12weeks… Right now I could run it with test C at 400mg test C which would have been about the same as 100ml EOD of the test P as I planned… What do yall think? O and to answer your question Yogi my call deff wasnt that extreme which is why I go 12weeks… only shedding about 3-4%BF

Currently Im 190lbs at about 12%BF just looking to get to 200lbs and be at 8-10% BF… I also have some clen I will run at the end to torch off any straggling fat


Yes your absence led to an unfillable void in my life. Luckily I had emojis to play with.


Yes I see you’ve been enjoying the emojis!

I was on a mini break with the mrs. I shan’t do anything so selfish again


I’d go 100mg for 8 weeks with the var. Sexy things happen with var at 100+mg/day

God I love var, haven’t taken it for ages though…

Fair play to you for the long slow cut, mate. I could never be arsed. If you want to check out how I cut, take a read of The Rapid Fatloss Handbook by Lyle McDonald. It’s hell, but it works


Hey Yogi how about if I did 8weeks at 100mg a day plus 100ml Test P then 2 weeks just the Test P eod then bang the clen the last 2 weeks… I got 565 var pills so that should work… You think thats too much Var & T?? Last time I ran 60mg of Var & .75ml Test P eod for 8 weeks and got great results and my diet was meh…but totally destroyed the gym


that’d work mate, for sure


Thanks bro… just outta curiosity do you guys like to add a lil extra cardio to workouts while on cut cycles or do you think it takes away from muscle gainz? My other buddy on a cycle says no but I say if on enough test & Var with protien at 1.5-2g per lb you should just strip fat…Any of you science nuts have a take on this?