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Test Prop Cutting Cycle Assistance

Hello all!!! I am a long time reader and recently decided to join the group. I do have cycle questions though.
30 yoa, 5’8, 215lbs, 13-16% bfi (I think never actually done)
I’ve done two cycles prior, test p alone and then test p, tren a, anavar, hcg etc…
I need some guidance here as the more conflicted I become with what to do. I am looking to trim down some fat. I want to improve my cardio and strength as well. I work out 4-6 days a week, 30-45 minutes of cardio, and most days I do xfit workouts. So below is my cycle.

Cycle: 10 weeks
1-10: 1.75cc/EOD (175mg) Test Prop
3-10: 10mg/ED of MHN
Clen will be cycled 2wks on 2wks off. lowest mg will be 20 and highest 120-140.
3-10: .5mg/ED Arimdex
11-12: 50mg/ED Clomid
13-14: 25mg/ED Clomid

So I thought of adding tren A, HCG, Anavar as well. I just don’t fully understand the Tren/Test battle, HCG is just to make the jewels full and Anavar might be to much on organs. I will also be including a 8 wk cycle of SARMS with this cycle. Please let me know how crappy this cycle is or what I can change. I do to much research and get swayed side to side on a solid cycle. Thank you ahead of time.

Why would you bother with adding a SARM to this when you have access to real steroids?

That’s a lot of Arimidex my man. Like, a lot. Do you have a history of needing that much?


My friend gave me an 8 week cycle for free so why let it waste. No I don’t have a history of needed it. What should I lower it to? Or change in the cycle?

Shit man if you dont have a history of needing it then that’s a mammoth dose. Drop it to MAX 0.5mg twice a week and dont even do that until you get high e2 sides.