Test Prop Cut Cycle Dosage Help

Hey everyone,

I am somewhat a beginner to running cycles as I have run 3 small cycles before but the one I am about to get into is definitely more serious than the past 3… My question for you guys is on dosage of Test P throughout my cycle as I have gotten an extra vial and don’t want to sit on it.

I am going to run an 8 week cycle consisting of: .25mg Anastrozole every other day, 50mg Test P every day, 50mg winstrol every day, 50mg provimed every day (all of that for 8 weeks) and then weeks 9-11 I will PCT with tamoximed and clomed.

Now that I have an extra vial of prop coming in, I was wondering if it would be safe to run an extra 20mg of Test P per day, bumping it up to 70mg/day. Sorry if this seems noobish but I want to make sure I’m not going to fuck my body by bumping the dosage.

Thanks for any and all help!

You don’t sit on it, you inject it. Man, you really are a beginner.

But seriously, your cycle…
Probably too much arimidex. You can up the test if you’d like, or you can admit that this won’t be your last cycle and just keep it on hand for the next run. “Because I have it” is almost never a good reason to add a compound or increase a dosage. You should use what you need in order to get your intended results and that should be the barometer by which you measure dosage(s).

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Thank you, this definitely won’t be my last cycle but I assumed I would see better results by upping the test. I just wanted to make sure I wouldn’t harm my body by increasing dosage

Other than that, how does that cycle look? Good for a cut?

With the winstrol in there you should be able to cut pretty well, assuming diet is in order. I mean, 100% of a cut is diet. But the drugs help save the muscle that you should theoretically lose when in a deficit. I would argue that, for a normal guy who is serious about his training and diet, a cut should not involve much more than a lowish dose of test and maybe a low dose oral of his choosing. Because your goal isn’t to build but rather preserve you don’t need huge doses. If your deficit is deep enough and your training is consistent then you should be able to perform a successful cut. Normal guys (non-competitors, non-models) who go nutty and cut with seven compounds over 12 weeks with an elaborate set of doses and phases seem to be way overthinking something that should be relatively simple.

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Okay awesome. I’m 25 y.o. male 6’1" and 250lbs right now… I was a former college athlete that’s when I first got introduced into juice and I am the heaviest I have ever been as of right now. I figured consuming 210g of protein, 90g carbs, and around 1500 calories a day I should be able to cut pretty good. I am still strong but my definition and build have gone to the wayside

That is a very deep deficit. What’s your daily maintenance at 250lbs?

Bro your a big dude. Probably not in the best shape but none the less big. I’m gonna take a shot in the dark and put your maintenance calories somewhere in the mid 3000s. I think you are setting yourself up for failure trying to cut at 1500. If i were to try that if probably pass out and in general I’d just feel like shit 24/7.

I think you should go get a body fat scan figure out your LBM and your maintenance cals and shoot for 500 under to start with for a month then gradually increase the deficit.

As for the winstrol if your using it strictly for the purpose of shedding fat your going to be highly disappointed I think. I’m not going to suggest you use any certain drug because I don’t know enough about your overall health but I will suggest you look into clen or t3 and do some research. At your size you would actually benefit greatly from a OTC thermogenic fat burner in a caloric deficit training hard much more than winstrol I think.


I figured my maintenance at 250 would be around 3200 calories

Not in the best shape I could be in right now forsure, I don’t even know where to start to get a body fat scan… so you’re saying with my weight right now I should be shooting for somewhere around 2500 cals per day?

Google bod pod scan they should have a locator and probably one close to you. Call and schedule and appointment it will run you roughly 70$ but it’s quick and accurate. If there is none around you contact some local gyms about nearest place to get one done. Some gyms offer scans as part of a consultation.

Its important to get a starting bf% and figure out your lean body mass. This will be necessary to determine maintenance calories. Along with your daily activity levels and training.

Just thinking a bit more it might be best to spring for a full consultation. A good place will be able to determine BF% LBM maintenance cals and a few other things just don’t let them talk you into anything unnecessary.

You know this is usually where I give a speach about waiting til you drop below 20% body fat before you run this cycle. But with you having some previous experience and a background in sports I’m gonna assume you have a nice bit of muscle (a base) under that fat I think you will be very happy with results if your diet and training are tight

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Awesome, thank you for the guidance on this I’m gonna get everything done this week before my first pin. Is there anything else you would reccomend I need to know other than bf% and LBM? My uncle is an anesthesiologist so if I need anything in particular or more advanced to get done he can help me out any way I need it.

If your maintenance is ~3200 then you will want to lock up any firearms or sharp objects while cutting on 1500/d. Because that is a recipe for a multi state killing spree. You will be miserable. Don’t try to do this as a sprint. This is definitely a marathon situation and you should plan on continuing to cut well after your cycle is over.


Yes not sure if it was mentioned but get your bloods drawn. So you have a base for you hormones pre cycle.

So more of a gradual thing rather than jumping in balls deep off the bat… how often should I decrease my maintenance?

Okay, how far into or after my cycle should I get my blood drawn again?

It depends. If your not having any problems on cycle then you probably don’t need to. If you want to just to see where everything is at i would wait for the 6-8 week mark when levels should be getting close to peak.

As for after cycle I would wait 45 days after the end of pct. I think that’s what’s recommended.

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Just wanted to share an update with you guys on where I am at with my training and diet schedule…

Currently 1.5 weeks in and down 9.5lbs from my starting weight. Consuming between 1800-2000 calories a day along with 200g protein and I feel decent. After my workouts I am a little sluggish but I workout on a 12 hour fast so that’s understandable. After my first snack between breakfast and lunch I feel 10x better so that’s a plus. Will post an update next week

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So your 240 and eating 2000 Cal’s? 2400 would be dramatic enough. How long you planning to run cycle? Ive run a bunch of test prop cut cycles. It’s really all diet but u can add some meat by keeping protein at 1.5 grams per lb. So 10x bw is ok on a cut but your body will adapt so every 2 weeks I cut carbs…once u get down to .5 carbs per lb is when it hurts… I think u can gain meat on a cut but u need a few compounds to pull it off… hgh, winny, var, Tren will all work…no u don’t need all of them… I just got done running winny with my prop I cut it out after week 6 it was too harsh. TBH 50 per day hurts… & I’m no puss I can handle Tren & other stuff but winny got me…If u can handle it & not having sides that’s on you. But past 6 weeks might pound yur liver & heart.

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i actually just got some var that I’m going to replace the winny with. I’ve been contemplating getting some hgh as well but don’t know the iu’s to run but from what i’ve read maintenance is at 2iu/day and to get huge you’re looking at 4iu/day. Right now I am taking in pretty much no carbs, all I am eating is chicken and broccoli every day, and my breakfast is my premier protein drink. Snack is an Ostrim beef stick (14g protein) and I eat that in between breakfast and lunch / lunch and dinner. My diet is pretty strict I would say