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Test Prop Conversion Recipe

Below I will share my recent method to convert an unnamed compound of test prop 2g and 200mg of estro benz to simply test prop with trace amounts of estro. I have noticed no symptoms of estro and 5 weeks in currently. To date it is my BEST conversion recipe to result in painless test prop which Im running at 550mg/week. I am running no Rx grade AI’s. I am however running a large dose of Vitamin D3 and Maca alongside other vitamins and green veggies. Please understand that I am starting this thread to educate people from my perspective. I in no way am stating my method is better than anyone elses- but rather from my experience with many years of recipe digging and attempts from various angles at each. Please do not name products that contain these hormones-to me that only hurts us in the long run.

  1. Dissolve unnamed compound in methanol to seperate glue/fillers from estro benz and test prop. Use 0.25% bottle of heet for one crtdg of 2000mg TP x 200mg EB. I Allow to sit for 2 hours give or take. Be sure to close lid so MA doesnt evaporate.

  2. Filter your solution into new glass mason jar with coffee filter secured around lid. This catches your glue fillers rendering you methanol, EB, and TP. Discard glue filled filter.

  3. Take a black or dark colored saucer or coffee cup, throw about a tablespoon of NaOH beeds into dark colored ceramic container. Now add enough water to JUST BARELY dissolve your NaOH micro beeds. (Caution: Hot)
    Note: I dont spend more than 5 to 10 minutes on this step. I like the reaction to still be young when introducing to TP/EB/MA solution.

  4. Take your 10cc syringe and pull back 5ml of your NaOH/Water and be quick because your syringe will get hot. Introduce the 5ml NaOH water to your MA/EB/TP solution. Immediately note the time on your notepad.

  5. 15 minutes later take the gallon jug of distilled water you have been chilling in freezer (cold but not frozen solid) out and grab a new 10cc syringe without a needle. Holding the syringe 12in or more above the solution surface begin bumpung the stopper so as to initialize slow steady droplets of water to drop into solution. Occasionally cause your droplets to hit the inner top edge of the glass jar which houses your solution so the water droplets run down the inside of jar. You will notice crystals forming. It will appear milky at first glance. You will also notice certain areas of the solution, when you drop water here vs there, will create more crystals. Keep it going until you notice crystalization has slowed drastically. Dont attempt to get every single crystal as the crystals forming by this point are so thin and hard to filter that its not worth it.

  6. Let your solution sit for 5 minutes in the freezer. Now its time to clean a big portion of the estrogen, lye, and methanol. You will do so and find that it is a bummer but worth it. Filter with no less than one gallon of distilled water. Remember thats going to make it clean as far as the MA and NaOH along with large part of E however more the merrier. I find 1.5 gallon enough for me. Use a syringe to squirt water down in the crystals so as to keep them churned as you filter. This prevents you from only washing the outer edges of say a ball of crystals.

  7. Take your coffee filter and I like to twist it round and round just above the mass of crystals then use a bread tie or small rubber band to hold it in case your wife comes in and knocks it off your table you wont lose any. (True story) Get your Honeywell fan-aim it at your “nectar-bag” which you have secured and tied. Allow to catch air for 24 hours. Take a ceramic dark colored plate and dump your crystals here. Sit your filter to the side. Its still damp so chop it up with sterile object so its all evenly dispersed allow to sit in top of dark closet (NO UV SUNLIGHT!) Give it another 24 hours you can rub the filter back and forth upon itself to yield a few more crystals onto your plate.

You are done. Your product now has test prop with trace estrogen. We ran it 5 weeks thus far and no gyno issues at all! Libido is through the roof (thank god I have a sexy sex godess for a wife) Matter fact writing this previous sentence just gave me wood. I am only running D3 vitamin along with Maca but no Rx AI !!! Amazing.

Remember guys I am no expert. I know there are people out there with degrees and angles for arguing these debates however I prefer to just try shit. Changing things as i go and only after taking many peoples notes into account. Theres one thing to remember. The above method I can ONLY get to work with one cart. In other words 2g test prop. When i try to do it in bulk the timing of NaOH apparently needs to change because it doesnt turn out this good and melting points indicate its Test Base. Ive tried 4g at 30min of lye and tweaked different things-Im sure its possible but man this method works very well if you follow my instructions. P.S. use typical amounts of BB & BB introduced to warm oil to lock solution in non crashed state.

I only ask ONE THING!!! Do not name products which you know of or heard of that contain this combo of hormones. There are plenty of people that will tell you there is no reason to do this. I enjoy being able to make test prop so cheap 2g @ $15 and its not any companies fault that we want to do science experiments with their product. With that being said if you guys wish to collaborate thats cool just, Please, no company names. Thanks guys and enjoy.

Reading stuff like this gives me all the validation I need to happily hand my money over to UGLs

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This is more for educational purposes. There are a few people still using this product for its upfront legal attributes and purity guarantee. To each his own. I can have 2g test prop in hand within 1 day of payment using this method and no looking over my shoulder. On tren ace and test prop i will never go anywhere else however, thats me. I got buddies who prefer UGL and we all beat the gym together. Ive gained 10 lbs in just under five weeks so not too shabby.

I didn’t mean that in a negative way bro.

I was implying that stuff like this is way over my skill set and takes way to much time for me to even attempt.

I tip my hat to you!

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Hey no worries brother! Lol it can be time consuming for sure. Thanks for reply!

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FYI, that’s always been standard policy here on the site.

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Thats great to hear. I kinda figured it was but for years Ive been a forum reader-but never a member of them. I always figured no one wanted to hear me babble on and on about anything. I actually joined this one to share that educational science experiment of mine. So far everyone has been cool and discreet. Thanks man.