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Test Prop Based Oral Cycle Advice

Short cycle-----
Test prop 400mg - week 1-6
Anadrol 50mg - week 1-4
Winstrol ?mg - week 1-4

40/40/20/20 nolva

Cycle objectives - lean moderate gains, improved body composition and strength.
Currently 92kg 13% 181cm
I am a fan of shorter cycles 6-10weeks.
I am just looking to try a cycle with some orals to see how i react…


  1. Should an AI be used (counter anadrols possible sides) or will nolva suffice if needed?

  2. what to dose winstrol at (moderate dose) ?

  3. Can/should Drol and Wini be used together considering both being 17aa class? (both seem to counter each others negatives) and have seen reports of them being successfully used…

Thanks in advance.