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Test Prop, and Winstrol first cycle review


I have just started my first cycle. It is comprised of Test Prop, HCG and Winstrol with 5 weeks of Tren in the middle of my cycle just to see how I react to it before I run a full cycle of it later on down the road. My reasons for doing a cycle is because even though Iâ??m fairly strong, I have a very hard time putting on much muscle mass. I want to LOOK strongâ?¦and then spend a lot of time on the lake!

Iâ??m 24 years old, 6â?? 1.75â?? tall, and weigh 192lbs. Iâ??m guessing Iâ??m at about 13% body fat. Iâ??m looking to bulk on the first half of this cycle, and then cut down hard on the second half with the Tren and Winstrol.

Body Measurements on cold unflexed muscles (dimensions in inches):
Shoulders: 49.5
Chest: 41.5
Upper Arms:
Circumfrence: 14 3/16
Length: 12
Lower Arms:
Length: 12
Waist: 32
Hip: 33 5/8
Upper Legs:
Circumfrence: 23.5
Length: 21.5
Lower Legs:
Circumfrence: 14 3/8
Length: 17

I never try for a 1RM. I aim for muscle development and isolation instead of just seeing what the most is that I can do. Iâ??ve never been injured seriously following this mindset, and itâ??s getting me the results I want. :slightly_smiling: When Iâ??m going heavy, Iâ??ll normally do a light warm up set or two, then start stacking up my weightâ??keeping my reps low. For my heaviest set, Iâ??ll aim to fail after 3 to 5 reps. Following this pattern, I have still reached some pretty heavy weights:
Squat: 315lbs
Deadlift: 435lbs
Bench: 365lbs*
*The 365lb bench was a couple months ago, and I probably could not do that today. That was one of those days when you walk into the gym and you feel amazing and you know something insane is going to happen. Haha Normally I do not go higher in weight than the 100lb dumbells, and I just do a lot of reps for chest.

Ok, so now that you all have my personal facts, this is the cycle Iâ??m planning on running (Again, Iâ??m planning to bulk for the first 7 weeks, then cut hard for the next 5 weeks):

On Cycle:
W1-12 Test Prop: 100-200mg EOD (1-2mL/shot)
W1-12 Arimidex .5 mg/day
havenâ??t started Arimidex yet, and might not for another week or two
optnl W7-12 Letrozole 2.5mg/day in case of gyno or no libido
W3-12 HCG: 500iu taken twice a week
W7-12 Winstrol: 15-35 mg daily
W5-10 Trenbolone 75mg EOD (.75 mL/shot)*
*will decrease test prop during this period to 100mg
After cycle, take 1000iu of HCG every day for first 4 days.
After this:
Week 1: 40mg of Nolvadex every day and 1000iu of HCG every day
Week 2-3: 40mg of Nolvadex every day and 500iu of HCG every day
Week 4-6: 20mg of Nolvadex every day (last two weeks are optional)

I just pinned for my second time yesterday. I probably will not load this thread down with comments unless people respond and want to know what Iâ??m experiencing as I go through this, but I will post at the end of cycle with what my big lifts are, and my new (and hopefully much bigger) body measurements and muscle weight. Thatâ??s something that it seems a lot of people fail to do on here, unfortunately.

Lastly, THANK YOU to the experienced posters on here for providing so much info for us noobs on here like me. I have spent dozens and dozens of hours reading through what you guys have tried and passed along to us. Thanks for all the help!


this is a mess…

too bad you didn’t post your plan before starting the cycle.




you also didn’t bench press 365 with 14" arms. In fact, based on everything you wrote here, I doubt you could do 300.


Uh seems like reading a algebra problem why so complex? Also is it me or does the hcg sound way high? Personally I like 1/2 a ml of hcg 2x a week on cycle. Seems plenty to keep nuts big at least 4 me anyhow


[quote]flipcollar wrote:
you also didn’t bench press 365 with 14" arms. In fact, based on everything you wrote here, I doubt you could do 300.[/quote]

Totally missed that part lol.