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Test Prop and Winny Prep Cycle


Hi all, I have a show scheduled in 12 weeks and I’m trying to make the most of what gear I have on hand: plenty of test e, test p and super test. Plenty of amiridex. And about 100-10mgs Winny.

I’ve been competing naturally without “assistance”. This is my first cycle for a show and third ever. (First two were for bulking)

My plan:
Week 1-4 Test e - 325mgs 2x/week
Week 4-12 Test prop - 150mgs eod
Week 8-12 Winny oral 35mgs Ed
Amiridex eod-ed as needed, bumped up closer to show time.

I realize this probably isn’t the best, most effective stack, but like I said I’m working with what I got. And I’m sure something would work better than nothing. I may be able to add a third compound such as mast or equip. But would prefer to be as conservative as possible.

Does this seem ok? Should I drop the prop at some point? Will the Winny help to “dry” me out? Any assistance would be helpful.

My training and diet are on point. Pct is good. I’ve been lifting for over 7 consecutive years.
175 lbs
12% bf



Thanks for the help


What is the logic of Test E for the first 4 weeks and then switching to Prop? You will just be starting to feel the Test E. I would think that sticking to one ester for the duration of the cycle would be sufficient. Or if you really like Prop, you could do 10 weeks of Enanthate and then taper with Prop for your two weeks into PCT, but this won’t gain you anything and you will be no less suppressed than you would be otherwise.


Are you prep for a Show? If yes… you can drop prop 4 to 5 days out… your cycle plan is OK. It’s OK to do test E for 4 weeks and then go with prop, it’s OK, considering you are prepping for a Show… but you can prep with test E too, I did it before, you just need to stop using test E around 7 days out. I know some BBs that use prop till the show, and others that use some suspension test. If you know your body, how you retain water, you can go many ways…


Water weight is a concern, and I def notice it with test e. Prop not as much. This is for a show so that’s an issue. Thanks


What if I have another show 2 weeks after that one. Should I just cut back on prop? How long could I stay on Winstrol without test before I start my pct? Thanks for the feedback


Have you considered Aromasin instead of Arimidex for the estrogen sides? I think Aromasin being a suicidal inhibitor keeps that water retention and estrogen rebound under control much better, but that’s just me.

I would also agree that you could dial back on prop a bit. Maybe 75-100mg eod. Winny has a fast half life so if you are running it solo for awhile and it has been at least 3-4 days since your last prop shot, you could start PCT the day after your last Winny dose.