Test Prop and Winny Cycle

This is my first cycle im preparing for it im changing plans i want something that easy to kick in and easy to leave my system… im adding winny for extra strength and endurance…

1-8 weeks test prop 100mg eod
1-6 weeks winstrol(oral) 50mg ED

PCT: ( 1 week after the last pin?[Correct me if im wrong])
40/40/20/20 nolvadex
20mg nolvadex for 8 weeks

Winstrol is known as a cutting steroid and i’m bulking will this affect my bulking if i add 500-1000 calories in my diet?

any tips and suggestions for my upcoming first cycle will be helping… i’m kinda confused on winny but it’s good to stack up with test prop thanks…

If you want to bulk, any steroid works, it depends on your diet.

Bulking/Cutting cycles tend to be long esters for bulking due to supposedly higher water retention and short esters for when you are dieting. - Some steroids like masteron/winny could help with a harder look etc and obviously clen/var can help fatloss. Tren could be used in both with long and short esters available… But if you consume a calorie surplus whilst on any steroid you will gain weight.

My question to you is why don’t you swap winny for Dbol?

Add in adex @ 0.5mg eod and HCG @ 250iu x 3 per week and youre good to go.

The PCT could be either of those but I would go for 20mg nolva ed for as long as you are on cycle.

my source don’t have adex and hcg what can i substitute?

i’m using winny to lose some fat to winny cause im currently 20-25% bf right now because of dirty bulking bad move. or should i ditch winny and swap dbol and bulk first then after the cycle i cut?

in pct after the 1 week after pinning i’ll start the 8 week 20mg ed nolvadex and while im on cycle i’ll take nolvadex 20mg ed? am i correct?

and should i bulk or cut? don’t care about the short term goals i care about long term gains but im asking you’re opinion…

also i only have winny for 25mg for 50pcs what can you suggest for the cycle? or either i can swap it with 25mg 50pcs dbol…

waiting for your reply thanks!

I think you are un-prepared to use steroids at this point.

It is good that you are listening to advice on having an AI, a SERM and HCG use at play but It is never s good idea trying to put a steroid cycle together without all the correct elements and understanding in place.

Although a SERM does stimulate LH during PCT, it does not work the same during cycle. So you still need HCG.

In terms of bulking/cutting… You say you only want to do an 8 week cycle… You say you dont knoe wether to cut or bulk… All these things make me think you just are not ready yet. At 20-25% Bf your diet and training could still be improved too…

If you do want to use steroids after reading this, then I would most deffinitley have a goal of fat loss and lean muscle gain - Not bulking.

I would stick to a very clean calorie deficity diet with tesp p/anavar and clen/t3s if you want.

i’ll buy hcg and ai to other source. then should i’ll cut then have lean muscle gains…

also i’ll be using nolvadex 20mg on cycle and have ai on hand just in case nolvadex can’t stimulate enought LH

sadly there is no anavar should i just run test p alone or test p/winny or testp/clen/t3? give me ur insights and recommendations…

i will be training 7 times a week and cardio/hiit 3 times a week mwf… reason is recovery is like magic when on gear… i’ll do auto periodization when i fill shit i do less sets when i feel like a super man ill hammer the whole weights just like that…

ill do the 40/40/20/20mg nolva for pct is that okay any suggestion?

Ok you are getting confused;

  1. An AI like Adex/Aromasin on cycle controls estrogen… This is not to stimulate LH.

  2. The use of HCG on cycle is to stimulate LH which helps keep natural testosterone production in play. Come PCT time this is of great help.

  3. You said in your orevious reply thst you were going to do Nolvdex at 20mg per day for 8 weeks, now you arevsating 40/40/20/20 - Both will work, but I would go with the 8 weeker.

  4. I still do not think you know as much as you should, but hey ho at least you are trying to get everythijg in place. I would just keep things simple, do your cardio and diet clean. Just stick to Test P.

okay thank you sire!

what do you think? i do a 12 week test prop only cycle for my first cycle then do a cutting cycle like winstrol/clen/t3 after the test prop cycle or i continue the test prop winny then do a bulk cycle after?

I think your goal should be to lower body fat and gain lean muscle. Do not bulk again until you are 15% or less. And even then when you bulk again you dont want to get back to 20-25%+ bf…

So, if you want to use steroids, then sure test prop, clen, var and winny are all pretty simple…

But look at the bigger picture: you want to keep building lean muscle - not keep switching between lean and fat. So keep the diet clean and get a few good, planned out cycles under your belt.

When you have some experience you can then add in Tren a and mast p…

okay i see i’ll bulk and do another cycle if i have the stats of kinda 10-15% bf… also now i’ll be doing a winny test prop i guess and continue what you say use adex,nolva 8 weeks pct and hcg… about winny i can only buy 50 pcs of 25mg per piece what dosage can you suggest for the cycle…

waiting for your reply :slight_smile:

You will not really benefit loads from any winny being the bf % you are currently at and winny is hepatoxic to the liver so…

Add it in at 25-50mg per day for the last 2-4 weeks of your cycle…

i see so you don’t recommend it…

what can you suggest because my supplier don’t have var but only t3,winny and clen but u dont recommend winny would you recommend test prop/clen or add some t3? what dosage can you suggest…

I am also doing my first cycle of gear and I choose Winstrol and Test Prop stack for my first go.

I am 39 , 5’9 and 185 lbs. I have been going to the gym 5 days a week for about 4 years and have hit a lot of plateaus.

My goal is to get more cut and pack on a little more muscle .

My planned cycle is this:
Winstrol 50 (oral) every day (6 week cycle)
Test prop 100mg (10ml) EOD (8 week cycle)
Letrozol (2.5 mg) every 3 days
n2guard - daily

Nolvadex (20 mg) -daily - 30 days
HCgenerate - daily

How does this plan sound to y’all?

Do just Testosterone and do you want to inject every other day when your not used to it? All testosterone is the same.

Feel free to reply to mine :slight_smile:

i meant to reply to you actually, dont know why it did that. Anyway the comment is the same for both identical cases.