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Test Prop and Winny 50

Started 3 weeks of 13 week cycle of test prop eod and Winny 50mg 30-45 Min before I work out everyday. Question: Is this too low of dose for big gains??? What do you recommend??

You’ve got to be kidding me, running test prop (I assume 100mg EOD) and 50mg of winny/day and you’re asking if 700mg/wk is enough to make gains?

I wouldn’t reccomend a 3 week cycle, however the fact that you came here for advice is better than what most would do, so props for that. I’d suggest doing some serious research on anabolics before you commence further cycles, while three weeks will give you results, it isn’t enough to reap the full benefits from a cycle, even with short acting anabolics. What is you’re reasoning for taking stanozolol? If you aren’t an athlete looking for strength gain with minimal weight gain or a bodybuilder cutting for a competition then it’s just undue strain on the body. Other, less harsh injectable anabolic steroids can be used for the dry, grainy look without the risk of hepatotoxicity and extreme lipid strain.

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I’m doing 12 week cycle, there is so much to choose from and I can’t just walk up to someone and ask questions…I will do my best… so, what injectable do you recommend as for not oral stanz???

Im at 700mg now, what should I be at ??? 1100mg???

Provided you have legit gear then your current dose should be good.
If this is your 15th cycle and you are already at 275lbs at 8% body fat then maybe the dose is on the low side.

I take it from your post you are newer to AAS. Dosage really can be a thing specific to each individual. Some guys take 250mgs a week for their first cycle and gain 20lbs. So guys don’t start gaining significant weight until they get over 400mgs per week. And those doses are for just test.
Your test is 350mgs per week or 100mgs EOD. Then you have 50mgs a day for the winny. With how you are running your compounds I don’t think you will end up with an extra 25lbs at the end of your cycle. Please remember that a lot of the guys that get over 25lbs in a cycle it is because of the extra water they carry from the test along with some fat. They hardly ever get to keep the 25lbs. For some unexplainable reason the long estered tests just make you hold extra water on cycle and Propionate just doesn’t seem to do it. That 25lbs is very misleading because of the water and fat weight.
Your mix and dosage is going to lend it self to making very quality gains. They will be lean but they will stay with you at a higher precentage than the guys that get the 25lbs of gains. You definitely have a good recipe for making and keeping quality muscle, provided the gear is legit and you do your part with workout, diet, sleep, ect…

Ultimately what dictates your gains is diet, training and MOST importantly sleep.

I don’t reccomend steroids to anyone as it is a personal decision to make that should be made by oneself and themself only. However I do believe in dispensing advice and harm minimisation strategies. While there is no data to say which steroid is worse than another, based on blood work and anecdotal evidence we can obviously make some conclusions (like that trenbolone is far more harsh on the body than testosterone), injectables that are used to promote a dry, grainy look that (based on peoples blood work) lack the severe lipid strain that winny causes are primobolan and masteron, due to the lack of the C17AA modification with these two injectables, hepatotoxicity is also reduced significantly. Not telling you to use these by the way, don’t take this as a greenlight.

I just noticed you edited the post, originally I thought you were only doing a 3 week cycle, how long are you taking the winny for? 13 weeks is overkill for winny, for test it’s fine. As to dosing in MY opinion you don’t even need 500mgs for a first cycle, provided you know how to diet and train a mere 100mg of test prop EOD should net exceptional results.

6wks of win. I’m on a good diet and exercise twice a day