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Test Prop and Winni


In the process of dropping some body fat from now till march. Then planning on hitting some prop and winni. Anyone have any experience with this cycle?
What should one expect from such a cycle. My goal is to gain quality muscle without any water or bloat.


If your looking for a quality look with little or no bloat than an AI is what you need.

Prop is between known for less bloat because its a short ester, this is basically bro knowledge.

But certainly if you feel the need to run prop more power to you, but you will be much leaner and less watery on cycle by including an AI.

I would recommend letro if your committed, I have almost no bloat when running high test and dbol cycles as long as I properly dose the letro.


i second this notion, it only makes sense!


Unless extra drugs or manipulation is used any test ester WILL cause at least some noticeable water.



taking it with an AI will yield less bloat but that depends on bf% levels.

Tossin in some adex wouldn't hurt, as I believe most of the excess water retention is cause by increased estrogen along with increased nitrogen retention which test is known for. My chem and physio suck right now tho cause it's late...so somebody correct me if I'm wrong. lol



Nitrogen retention is basically protein synthesis gerdy, but you are correct in the estrogen comment mate :slightly_smiling: