Test Prop and Tren Cycle

i was wondering of takeing a short cycle this time something like this

1-8 week : test prop : 100mg EOD
4-8 week: tren : 100mg EOD

then pct

any comments on this it’s my first time useing tren

i did a similar cycle at 50 mg ed test prop and tren 100 mg ed as my first tren cycle. Loved it! My only suggestion is to lower test dose to mitigate tren sides.

I am planning on doing something very similar for my second cycle. I’ve used Prop alone before and want to add Tren this time.

Y are you running tren through only the last four weeks?

@bchrisen: can you elaborate on y to keep the prop so low when used with tren?

My understanding is that when using Tren you really only need test to keep the libido up and to provide some E2 for the joints. But y does it become problematic if you stack more test with it?

For instance I used 75mg ED prop by itself and had great success. For my second cycle I had planned on using the same amount of Prop with 50 mg Tren ED. Or perhaps combining them in the same bottle at a 50/50 ratio to allow for easier once a day shots.

OP: I assume you’re homebrewing by which compounds you’re using. How much experience do you have with this? and What is your total expected cost for the whole cycle including PCT, Gear, pins, etc.?